ZEO Time – the BFF challenge

It’s time for our second ZEO challenge! Last week we got you competing against one another, so this week we’d like to feel the love instead (while you’re competing of course!). The winners get Zombie Vikings  before release, and also star in the game! For more info about the ZEO club, check out our super educational video.

The Zombie Vikings may not look very alike – quite the opposite. Fact is, they were not the best of friends when they met. But the good thing about being a zombie is that you have looooots of time to make second impressions.

Sometimes we meet someone who becomes our best friend faster than Gunborg can flex her muscles, and sometimes people need a little bit more time to find each other. Either way – friendship rocks! And that’s the theme for this weeks ZEO challenge!


Who do you want to join you on your #ZEO adventure?

Team up with a buddy

This is your chance to get the ZEO treatment together with your friend, spouse, colleague, nemesis or snail mail buddy. Tell us who you think should get to jump onto the ZEO train, and why. Does she have some awesome video game skillz? Does he look like a Zombie? Is she sad because a bird stole her ice cream yesterday?

If you win – both you and your friend will get to join the club as a dynamic duo!

So, give us your best explanation (or excuse) to why your friend should become a ZEO! Deadline time is Sunday. And hey, if you tell you friend to make an entry of their own, you double your chances.

Time to show that person you really care!

Ready, set… GO!