We’re going to RSM!

Sure, we love going to PAX, Gamescom and all those other mega-conventions. But we also love our own rainy hometown, and that’s why it’s extra fun to announce that we’re gonna show Flipping Death at Retrospelsmässan – Gothenburg’s own retro game convention!

RSM is Scandinavia’s biggest event for retro games and computers. It has been alive and kicking since 2010, and during a lot of those years our PR & Marketing manager Mikael was one of the people to organize the thing! But this is the first time Zoink will be there as a company (outside of work we’ve been enjoying the thing for years!). We might not be retro yet, but the convention is also giving some floor space to indie developers, which we of course think is a lot of fun.

If you’re in or close to Gothenburg on the 29th of April you should definitely stop by! Except for Flipping Death you can also try out a magnitude of old school games for all consoles and arcade machines imaginable. And don’t you worry about bringing a massive bag of coins – everything is set to free-to-play and included in the entrance fee!

See you there!
Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager