Welcome to the Zoink Zhow!

We’re on YouTube! Or well, we’ve been there quite a while, but now we’re gonna make a lot more fuss about it. Our weekly vlog (is that still a cool word?) has landed – welcome to the Zoink Zhow!

We are always looking for new ways to reach out and talk to you guys, and recently we realised that we’re totally funny and interesting enough to have our own YouTube series. Right now there are two episodes up and running, and a new one is planned to arrive every Friday.

Of course we want your thoughts on this! What would you like us to talk about (or do) in the upcoming episodes? Do you want a weekly update on what pizza we’re eating? Do you want to see some animation? Do you wanna hear Mikael sing? Let us know!

While you’re figuring that out, here’s the latest episode. Subjects this week are London, story meetings and ice cream. Let’s go!

Tell us what you had for lunch in the comments! Or if you’d rather write something regarding this post, I guess that’s fine too.

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager