Vote to Play! — ZoinkDay #25

Listen up!

Today we have something really great to announce! When you look up ”Oh, wow!” in the dictionary from now on – this news piece is what you’ll see. So, let’s cut to the chase.

The rumors are true! Zombie Vikings is included in the Vote To Play campaign on PS4! You might have seen the leak on gamer forum NeoGAF a while ago. Well, the poster was absolutely correct and during August, if you are a PS+ user, you can vote for Zombie Vikings in the Vote to Play section of your PS4! If we win, you’ll get the game totally for free in September. Yay!

We are really excited to be part of such a great lineup of almost-as-good-as-Zombie-Vikings games. Every PS+ user in the world will get a chance to vote, and even if we don’t win (gasp!)  the game will be released with a launch discount.

Time to vote!

If you feel all confused, Playstation has put together this step by step guide on how to vote. The only thing they forgot to mention is that you should vote for us. This function goes live tomorrow, so start studying!

New trailer!

With all of this going on, we figured that a lot of people would like to see more of the game. So here it is – the spanking new trailer! Just make sure you watch till the end, there’s a scene with an eye caught in a crack that we are particularly proud of.

Twitch Stream!

Oh, and tonight we’re playing the game live on Twitch! You don’t wanna miss it. Tune in at 7 pm CEST / 1 pm EST to join the party.

That’s all for now! As always, I’m here for any questions you might have. Just put’em in the comment section, or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook!

Don’t forget to tell your friends to vote! Zo(mbie) long!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager