The Zoink Store is Open!

We’ve been having requests for some Zombie Vikings merch for a while, and we’re not the ones to say now! So now, fittingly enough on Black Friday, the Zoink store is open!

To celebrate the launch as well as Black Friday, we have a special code that gives you 20% off until Wednesday at 11:59pm PST (December 2, that is!). So, if you think someone close to you needs a t-shirt with Molgaga jumping into her very own jacuzzi for a Christmas gift, here’s the perfect opportunity!


We’re really excited about seeing a new take on our art, and we’re gonna add more designs as often as we can! We’re starting our with Zombie Vikings, but you can expect Ray and the other Stick It to The Man characters to make an entry soon enough.



Maybe you need a bit more Oink in your life?


A perfect gift for the grandparents!

Do you have any ideas about what kind of art you’d like to see in the store? Let us know, and we’ll do our very best to please! Oh, and hey. We’re only 2 followers away from the 2.000 mark on Twitter. When we reach it there will be a giveaway! so if you’re not already doing it, make sure to follow @zoinkgames!

‘Til next time!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager