Seagurd in the Spotlight – #ZoinkDay 9


As you’ve probably heard by now, our up coming game Zombie Vikings has four main characters in the story, Gunborg, Hedgy, Seagurd and Cawkaa. Last time you meet Gunborg and today I’ll tell you a little more about the happy go jolly character – Seagurd.

Of all the vikings, Seagurd is the one always trying to joke and keep the team’s spirit up. Seagurd is the happy guy in our gang. A non-selfish friend who really just wants everyone to get a long.

Seagurd grew up in Fishgaard which isn’t actually a very happy place, just a bunch of forgotten rocks in the middle of the North Sea. In fact, the environment is so harsh it’s not even fair to call it islands – a very tough place even for a viking.

As far as he can remember, Seagurd comes from a long line of whale-whisperers.

Seagurd: They call it Fishgaard. I grew up here, and might I add, I gained quite a reputation as a whale whisperer. They’re the greatest fish in the sea.
Cawkaa: Uh, whales are mammals.
Seagurd: Pfft. Then how come they make fish milk?


As you can see, Seagurd isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but don’t worry! To his help he has his trusted pet InkyPinky. InkyPinky is a cute little octopus who actually lives inside him. See, at the time Seagurd and InkyPinky died, something got messed up in Valhalla – and they happened to merge into one body.  Now they are stuck together and InkyPinky lives inside Seagurds stomach and they even share an arm!

Seagurd: InkyPinky?! We share a body now?!
InkyPinky: [Squid noises]
Seagurd: Dibs on the legs!
InkyPinky: [Sound of annoyance]

Don’t let InkyPinkys silly name fool you! She can get really vicious in a fight and transform into a hellish krakenish monster. It’s actually one of the couples special moves. This is what happens: Seagurd rips open (don’t worry his already dead) – and out comes InkyPinky, shoots her arms out and grabs any enemy around and gives them a good rattle.

Seagurd_squidspecialmoveThey’ve got another cool move up their sleeves – or should I say rotten intestines; charging InkyPinky will make her squirt poisonous ink which will stun, hurt the enemies and make a real colorful mess!


Seagurd_squidinkToo make for an even deeper intrigue, there is a strange secret to InkyPinky –  a secret from when Seagurd and she was alive. To find out what it is you’ll just have to play the game, solve some quest and kill a ton of monsters… you can do it!

Seagurd is played by the super talented voice actor Ty Konzak. Ty did an amazing job playing Ray in our previous game Stick It to The Man. In some ways Seagurd and Ray are quite similar, they are both two happy and friendly dudes that just tries to make the best out of the situation.

What happened to Seagurd in Fishgaard? What would InkyPinky say to all this? Tell us in the comments or on social media.

Slash you later,

Klaus Lyngeled
Creative Dude at Zoink Games