Say hello to Eric and Olov!

Since a few weeks back we’ve had the pleasure of having not one, but two new people join Zoink Games! Say hello to Eric and Olov! They are both from Swedish game development school The Game Assembly and they’ll be doing their internship here for a couple of months.

The Game Assembly is located in south Sweden and they are exceptionally good at producing talented game developers. Both Kristian (programmer) and Kevin (producer) who’s been with us for over a year now are alumnus from the same school.

Both Eric and Olov will join the Fe team. Eric as a programmer and Olov as an artist. To get to know them a little I thought I’d ask them a few simple questions:

What is your favourite game and why?

Olov:The Baldur’s Gate series! They were the first real RPG:S I ever played and I still return to them from time to time: for their characters, their story, their world and their huge library of crazy spells. And the miniature giant space hamster, Boo.”

Eric:“My favourite game is Kingdom Hearts 2 for its story, fun combat system and nostalgia.”

Tell us a little about what you’re going to be working on for Fe?

Olov:A little bit of everything! I’ve recently been working on some storyboards, concept art, levels and storytelling. Looking forward to do some 3D modelling as well.”

Eric: “As a programmer I work on very diverse stuff, whether it’s controls, AI, shading or overall gameplay. I work on whatever needs to be fixed at the moment.”

How come you wanted to come to Zoink Games?

Olov: – “Here I’m allowed to try out different roles and to be part of the creative process. I have the opportunity to work on some very different games with a focus on storytelling, inventiveness and amazing art, together with incredibly nice and talented people!”

Eric:“When I saw Fe for the first time I knew that it was something that I wanted to work on. The biggest factor however was that I found the studio to be a cozy place filled with fun people.”

Both Eric and Olov will work on Fe

So let’s give Eric and Olov a warm welcome! You can follow Olov on Twitter here.

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