The Kore Gang

Welcome to a fantastic action adventure game for the Nintendo Wii home entertainment system. The game was awarded best kids game of 2010 in Europe.

Earthquakes have been shaking Manhattan when suddenly a gigantic drill-shaped vehicle bursts out of the ground, five miles high and menacing. It is the KRANK TANK, under the command of the three KRANK BROTHERS who are the rulers of a bizarre civilization from deep down in the core of the Earth. The Kranks make it clear that they have no intention to spare anyone in their plan of world domination – especially not you!

Earth’s last hope is the KORE SUIT, invented by the ingenious (if slightly demented) scientist DR. SAMUELSEN. Unfortunately, Samuelson has been lured into the ship and captured by the evil Kranks. Not to unfortunately, the Kranks are as stupid as they are ugly, and have forgotten to install the doomsday device in their ship when they took off to conquer the surface. This buys our heroes PIXIE, MADBOY and REX some time to enter the Krank Tank, get hold of the Kore Suit and try to stop the devious Kranks. But time is ticking down, and many dangers lurk inside the ship.

Platform: Wii
Publisher: Atari