News in Zombie Vikings! – ZoinkDay #37

As you might have heard in our previous post, we’re incorporating a bunch of features suggested by you guys (as well as some of our own) in the upcoming Steam version of Zombie Vikings (and the mega update for the PS4 version)! Since December and the release are closing in, it feels like it’s time to tell you more about them.

The changes and new features are in a wide array of areas. From stats, to on-screen information and cute little helpers. Let’s start with the arsenal part.

Get weapon stats

First of all – to not get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices, you now unlock weapons as you progress through the game. And from now on EVERY WEAPON has its own special ability, as well as a newly added stats screen shown in the shop.


Compare weapons, and know exactly what you get.


Unlock more weapons as you progress.

Combat improvements

With the help of target hints, you can plan your combat even better. See how far your bombs will travel, and who they will affect. This also goes for your run-of-the-mill sword fighting and friend throwing!


Yup, that maggot prince is going down!

It’s also easier to see how much damage you make (and take). More of the tougher enemies now have mini health bars, but every hit also gives you an on-screen number, showing how much of an impact it made.


Did it hurt?

Oink – The Unicorn Pig!

Now, this seems to be the favourite among both us and our Twitter followers. When you play in single player mode, you get an awesome pig companion! Oink is his name, and yes – he is very cute. But he got even more qualities! He can produce a fountain of puke (ew) to throw you right up into the air, and he can be used as a projectile to smash enemies.


A Zombie Viking Unicorn pig. What we all have been missing from our lives.


Yuck! I mean – thanks!




… and shoot!

Also, he’s a bit of a pack mule (or, as our voice actor Kellen Goff called him – pork mule). You can stick small enemies, treasure chests, penguins and other objects on his horn, and he’ll happily carry them for you! After a while, he also get a cannon strapped to his back. Hit the fuse to light it, and wait for your enemies to go down.

Animation 10

Okay, that GOTTA hurt! But at least Oink is happy!

All in all, Oink is the perfect team mate for all of those times when you wanna play by yourself – but not alone. Klaus has promissed to sew a plushie version of him for the office, so we will even get the chance to enjoy his company on an every day basis!

Beisdes from all this, there are more stuff to enjoy, like new enemies, the ability to aim when you do a dive attack, a direct roll move and more. I’m not gonna go through them all here though – you’ll notice when you play the game!

What do you think about the updates, and the Steam version?

Are you getting ready to play?

/Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager