Willand, David och Sofi framför rosa fluffig vägg

New faces!

Oh my, people are just popping right out of the ground like those Ico shadows right now, huh? But that’s great, considering we have a lot of projects going on! Let’s meet our latest reinforcements.


Cat, cat, cat!

Hi Sofi – welcome to Zoink! What are you bringing to the table?
Hi! Thank you! I will be working with the graphics in our new VR project*.

Do you wanna share your background, in short?
Yeah, sure! I’ve always loved both art and games so I decided to study game graphics in Skövde, Sweden. When I graduated I started to work for a game company here in Gothenburg and right now I’m here at Zoink. Short enough? Haha.

Do you remember your first ever video game?
I’m actually not sure about the first game I played, but I´m pretty sure that the first game that I bought for myself was Final fantasy X… I had a huge crush on Tidus.

Any game you’re really looking forward to in 2017?
I haven’t played Resident Evil 7 yet and since it was released in 2017 it counts, right?

Intern incoming.

Welcome Willand! What will you be doing here?
Thanks! I’ll be animating, adding animations and do about everything having to do with animations!

How come you’re interested in the gaming industry?
Through all my childhood I both played and dreamed about working with games. When my older brother started studying and later working with it I realized it didn’t have to stop at dreams – you could actually make a career out of it!

Do you remember your first ever video game?
The first one I remember playing was Smash TV for the Super Nintendo. But the first game of my own was Bust-A-Move 3 for the N64.

If we look forward instead – most anticipated game of 2017?
Fe of course! But it’ll also be fun trying out the Switch and Zelda.

David owns a cap.

Heya David! You’re on the VR team* as well, right?
Hejsan! Yeah, I will be doing the programming in the VR-team.

How come you decided to learn programming?
I have always been into games and that is probably the reason I started working with computers in general. I started with regular software development but later wanted to get into gaming and that’s when I started really learning programming. I have never seen programming as something I’m very interested in, it’s more like the tool I use to create games.

What was your first ever game console? Do you still have it?
Thanks to my father’s work we always had a powerful PC at home, starting with a 286 I think. We also had an Amiga at some point so I never really felt the need for a console. I did get a Sega Megadrive II though but didn’t keep it long.

Any game you’re really looking forward to in 2017?
Red Dead Redemption 2. But I will probably spend most of my time playing Overwatch.

Thanks for taking the time guys!

*Hey, what? What VR project? Relax, we’re only experimenting and trying out ideas right now. You haven’t missed any grand announcements.