Meet the Zoinksters – Maria the 3D artist!

We’ve decided it’s time you get to know the team a bit better! And that’s gonna start… today! First out is Maria. She started out as an intern, collected some XP and leveled up to a full grown employee. Over to you, Maria!

Why did you decide to work for Zoink?

I was introduced to Zoink when I was a student of computer graphics design. There were two in the class above me that had attended internships at Zoink. When they showed me what they had done during their internships I became really curious about Zoink. A year later I started here and now I’m now hooked.

What is your job title and what are your main responsibilities?

I work with 3D graphics so perhaps my title is something along the lines of 3D Artist. My main responsibilities are rigging characters and props for the games. I also get to do a lot of animations.


We all love fluffy stuff here at Zoink.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Zoink?

It is never boring here! Working with Zombie Vikings has been crazy. You should hear the discussions that takes place in this office. The things I have seen and rigged…  Besides the funny assignments I also have great co-workers. I feel so much at home here, which I guess is one of the pros when working at a smaller office. I was so thrilled when I got offered a position here. Zoink has everything that I want, I get to work with something I love and with people that are amazing.

How has your internship helped you in your current role?

This internship that I’ve had has meant the world to me. I have of course gained a lot of new knowledge when it comes to rigging and animations. But for me, the most important thing with this internship is that it made me grow as a person. During my time as an intern I was given more and more responsibility and trust, which made me feel like a valuable asset. Now that I’ve started to actually working here for real, I do that with great confidence, something I haven’t had before.

Do you have any questions for Maria? Go ahead, ask them. She probably wont bite!


Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager