Meet our Community Manager Alex!

Okay, I’m gonna be totally honest here. I’m interviewing myself in this blog post. But why shouldn’t I? I’m a super interesting person! And since I’m the one doing the interviews at this place nobody else is gonna do it. So here we go!

Hi Alex! How are you doing this freezing January day?
Well, since Klaus recently got slippers for us all, I’m actually quite warm. And surprisingly happy to be back at work after the holidays!

Great! Do you wanna tell people a little bit about yourself?
Sure! Well, I’m the Community Manager at Zoink, and have been since spring last year. When I’m not at work I write on a young adult novel, play games with lots of color in them and, at the moment, try to learn how to write with an ink dip pen. Just as the rest of Zoink, I have a cat at home.

So, Community Manager. What does that even mean?
Well, a lot of people seem to think I’m only hanging out on Twitter and Facebook – and that’s partly true – but I also have a bunch of other responsibilities. I’m the one bothering the devs with my camera when they really need to work (all for you people out there), and I also write blog posts, talk to press and represent Zoink in different ways. But my most important task is to be the link between the players and the company, which is a lot of fun. Our fans are great!


Just examining WeeWaa. Important part of the job, of course.

How come you got into the gaming industry?
To be honest, I wasn’t really planning to. I’ve always loved games, but didn’t really consider a career in it. But when I ended my web communications education, Julius (the Community Manager at the awesome Image & Form) told me there might be an opening at Zoink, and so I applied. And got it!

I see! There are some rumors going around, saying you’re not a hardcore gamer. Do you have any response to that?
Well, I willingly admit I’m not one for AAA games. I’m just not a fan of the brown-to-grey color scale that’s common in those kind of titles (even though there are exceptions). I love games with original ideas and design, or just a really well-made story. Some of my favorites in those areas are Katamari Damacy, Animal Crossing and the Phoenix Wright series. In that way, Zoink is perfect for me.

What are you playing right now?
I just found my way back to Splatoon after little break. Oh, and Steamworld Heist!

Any tips for people who want to work with social media?
Well, first if all – find an education focusing the area. A lot of people seem to think that’s it enough just being used to hang out on Twitter or Instagram, but there’s so much more to it. And try to find a job in an area that you’re really passionate about – it makes it so much easier to understand your audience and coming up with new ideas.

Anything else you wanna share?
Nothing really. Or, well, I’m having a baby in like two months, and since us Swedes are crazy in love with parental leave we’re looking for someone to replace me for the rest of the year. Check out our job openings!

So, that’s that. Any special Zoinkster you’d like to know more about? Let me know, and I’ll grab them as soon as I can!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager