Meet Gunborg, one ripped Zombie Viking – #ZoinkDay 5

Hey fellow slayers,

Today we’ll delve into one of the main characters in Zombie Vikings. Our Viking gang consists of four characters that you can play and the story involves their journey as a team as they try to get Odin’s precious eye back. They each are quite special and as the story starts out they are not really used to working together, but through their journey they grow into a really tight-knit gang. I guess the game is kind of like a weirdish buddy movie.

Gunborg-playing-söckerOne of my favorite characters at the moment is Gunborg. She comes from a big Viking city called Megathorpe where they love playing Söcker. Söcker is a real warrior sport and to score you have to chase an annoying little gnome, spear it on your sword and throw it into a dragon’s mouth. Söcker has some resemblance to soccer and we think it might have been the predecessor to the boring version we have today. Gunborg’s favorite team is the Unicorns.

She’s a simple girl with a big heart, happy straightforward and insanely competitive. She just LOVES winning! She is eager and throws herself right into any fight as quickly as possible. “Bla bla bla, let’s just fight!” “Did I win?” Gunborg is definitely the strongest of the four and she can dive attack into a crowd with an intense power that’ll throw most enemies back. She is quite heavy and doesn’t run so fast, but her strength weighs up for that. She’s also incredibly good a flexing her muscles, actually so good that if you flex them too hard she will literally explode. As a zombie this turns out to be a really good special attack.

Gunborg flexing her muscles.

Gunborg flexing her muscles.

Gunborg is voiced by the super talented actor Cassie Ewulu. Make sure you stop by the blog in the coming weeks because we’ll talk to her and in an upcoming #ZoinkDay blog post.

Here’s a little sound clip of how she sounds in the game. Did I mention we have over 70 minutes of cutscenes? Be prepared to be blown away by Gunborg and Cassie’s amazing voice talent. We have, for sure.

How did Gunborg become so ripped? Would you like to try Söcker? Tell us in the comments or on social media.

Hack you later,

Klaus Lyngeled
Creative Dude at Zoink Games