Meet Cassie Ewulu – The voice of Gunborg – #ZoinkDay 13



Today we got something really fun to show you. We got a chance to talk to the voice actor who does the voice to Gunborg. We previously dedicated an entire blog post to the Viking Zombie Gunborg and now it’s time to show the person behind the voice – Cassie Ewulu!

Hi Cassie, please introduce yourself and tell us about what it is you do?

My name is Cassie Ewulu and I am a voice actor…that is also in the process of getting her Master’s in Clinical Nutrition!

How did you get into voice acting? Was it a profession you saw yourself in?

Initially, I never thought about being a voice actor. I started out doing a lot of audio-editing/mixing after watching my sister do the same thing back in 2007-2008 for her radio plays. I did some radio plays of my own and had to get some actors to fill in the roles. I did, and I enjoyed listening to their acting as I was mixing. That was when decided to give voice acting a shot. Now it’s 2015, and I believe I’ve been doing voice acting professionally for about… 4 years now!

Tell us a little about your voice recording setup. Where and how do you work?

It’s not great, but I’m working with what I’ve got. I do all of my recording in a closet with foam and clothes lined up on most of the walls. In the middle of it you can find my mic stand – that’s where I record.  A lot of professional engineers will tell you that a bigger room is better to record in, but the closet is the one place no one in the house can here me, haha. I do my audio-editing outside in my bedroom. There’s a big old desk that houses my laptop, microphone preamp, and headphone preamp. That’s where I do all the fancy editing and mixing.

Is it hard to create a voice for a character and what influences you to create your characters?

It is for me! I’ve got… a unique voice and I’m still trying to find what sort of character voices work for me. It’s easy for commercial work because a lot of my clients just like my normal voice, but I haven’t done as much character work so it’s something I struggle with a bit. When I am able to create a character of my own (like for Gunborg), the voice is usually based off of a character or two that I think is similar to the character I’m voicing. For Gunborg, I thought of a mix of Louise Belcher (Bob’s Burgers) and Helga Pataki (Hey! Arnold). The idea isn’t to sound exactly like either one of them (I can’t!), but to incorporate bits and pieces of their personality into my voice for a new character, Gunborg.

What do you feel are the differences between working with Stick it to the Man and Zombie Vikings?

There are no differences! Working on both games was (and is) a big giant ball of fun! You’re working with great art, music, and writing so it makes acting for both games very easy, fun, and interesting. When I first read the audition lines for some of the characters in Stick it to The Man, I didn’t really care which role I got as long as I got to be in the game. The script-writing for each character was just so brilliant and I just wanted to record a line or two for the game. Same goes for Zombie Vikings. I just get really excited about recording for their stuff, haha.

Do you play video games yourself? If so, any games in in particular?

Not as much as I used to but I do. I really like point n’ click games at the moment. The Ace Attorney games are my favorites. I was hooked on Team Fortress 2 for a while, but haven’t touched that in a year because I was getting TOO hooked.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve recorded for Zombie Vikings?

Really long vomiting sounds… really long. Yep.

If a voice actor is alone in the forest and no one is around to hear, does she/he make a sound?

Yes. Always.

What do you have planned for the future? Feel free to share secret juicy details about upcoming projects.

I wish I could say! Opportunities just come and go whenever they please. I don’t really know when something juicy will pop up. I’m supposed to be doing some voice over for a huge company, but I’m trying not to really think about it until the time comes because… delays! I’ve got more than enough material for a commercial demo, so I guess that’s something I’ll be trying to work on! 

Here are some sound clips of how Cassie sounds in the game. 

Thank you Cassie for taking the time to talk to us. And thanks for creating such an awesome voice for Gunborg!

Mikael Forslind
PR & Marketing Manager