Feeling it in ‘Frisco – #ZoinkDay 10

What’s up Vikings?! If you’re a fan of what we do, you probably follow us on social media and unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock it cannot have escaped you that our CEO Klaus Lyngeled is visiting GDC in San Franscico. Left in the office we were hoping for one of those “When the cat’s away, the mouse will play“-situations –  but as it turns out it seems like our CEO is having a blast and is up to all sorts of mischief on his own! However, visiting ‘Frisco with his friend as well as sort-of-co-worker, the notorious Brjann “Putte” Sigurgeirsson, CEO of Image & Form, we shouldn’t have expected anything less!

Historically called the Computer Game Developers Conference, it all started back in 1988 in the living room of Chris Crawford in San Jose, CA. GDC, short for Game Developers Conference, is according to Wikipedia the “largest annual gathering of professional video game developers, focusing on learning, inspiration, and networking” – and since it’s closed to public we grunts left outside can only dream of what’s going on inside. Myself, I imagine it like a sort of present day Studio 54. Everyone who’s anyone in our business is represented – and the rest of us are left to dream away watching YouTube-clips.

The GDC attracts over 24,000 attendees, and is the primary forum where programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games gather to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry. – gdconf 


Somewhere in San Francisco.

 …the GDC expo showcases all of the most relevant game development tools, platforms and services helping to drive the industry forward. The conference also features the seventeenth annual Independent Games Festival, the longest-running and largest festival relating to independent games worldwide… – gdconf 

We took the liberty to discreetly improve the interior of the hotel hallways during GDC. What do you think?

We took the liberty to discreetly improve the interior of the hotel hallways during GDC. What do you think?

So, the two swedes left our our cold country Sunday evening, for beautiful and windy San Francisco. We where all relieved when statuses started drop in on Twitter, confirming that the two rascals had arrived safetly! With 9 hours time difference we can surely assume there was a bit of bad jet lag waiting to hit them like a maul in the head. Luckily, it still seemed like the couple managed to rig everything beautifully, both on the hotel room as well as in the hallways. Press, bloggers and the occasional celeb would soon be visiting hotel Marriott to be among the first to try out Zombie Vikings!

Swedish Game Reactor was among the first to meet with Klaus and Putte, and it seemed to turn out great. At least according to our own Twitter, which we feel everyone should trust like a truly reliable source.

Late night-time in Sweden we saw this post and was Just. A. Little. Bit. Jealous. We knew that Klaus had told us that he and Tim Schafer were buddies. The thing is, we thought it was a sort of “I’ve-got-a-poster-of-Hanson-on-the-wall”-friendship. Now we know better. This truly looks sweet! Who wouldn’t want to cosy up next to the Legend playing co-op in Zombie Vikings?!

At the office we were pleased to see that Klaus seemed to coop honorably with jet lag, and managed to be nice to a lot of people and even charm the gorgeous Romero super couple into taking a selfie together! Brenda and John are real veterans in the gaming business. I for one was more then starstruck and once Klaus returns and have shook my hands, I will never ever wash them again. Just sayin’.

Do we dare to guess that there was not only coffee on the menu during these days? Our CEO seemed genuinely frightened/fierce posting about his new jacket, and could not wait to show off his idea to the Internet. We couldn’t agree more Klaus – it IS awesome! Now we only hope that that jacket will be designed for real and not only in the presence of a projector…

The latest update by Klaus was this vine featuring cool voice actor Lucas Schuneman. We can only speculate in what legal substances this guru was force-fed by Klaus before agreeing to recording THIS COOL trailer for our up coming game! Pretty rad!

When this is published in Sweden, it’s night time i California. Klaus and Putte are heading over to the East Coast – Boston, more precisely. Their next mission is to charm the pants of even more people and make the inhibitors of the city and visitors of PAX unsafe. We believe it will just as crazy. And lucky for us back home, the time difference isn’t as wrecking.

Shäring is cäring, as we say here at the office. So feel free to share this post and comment! What did you really think of Klaus new jacket? Who do you dream of meeting if you attended GDC?

Next week Mikael and Julius will represent in London, Europe on EGX Rezzed, be sure to tag along by following their’s – and our Twitter – for the latest updates!

See you around the Internet!

Paulina, aka MsGamer
Office Padawan & Intern at Zoink Games

Everyday food in the USA.

Everyday food in the USA.