Kristian Dam, Programmer

Why did you decide to work for Zoink?

Well, Zoink was on my radar since Stick It To The Man because of the humor displayed in the game and the unique art style, so when they came to my school to search for interns I made sure to give Klaus my information. As you can imagine I was taken by surprise when just a few days later I heard back from Klaus and the rest, as they say, is history.

What is your job title and what are your main responsibilities?

I am a Programmer by trade so I guess that’s my job title as well. My main responsibilities vary greatly, which I find to be one of the main attractions of programming. But to be a bit more descriptive I write code for the games we make, which can cover everything from Physics to sound to networking. Basically, I make sure that the designs we come up with turn into an actual functioning game and that the amazing art that our artists make is displayed in the best way possible.

What made you want to be a programmer?

I had thought about working with programming for a long time but I finally took the decision to give it a shot after getting it explained to me by a close friend who also works with game programming, and after  getting started it felt like a perfect fit for me.

I really enjoy the freedom you get as a programmer, if you can imagine something you want to create there is most likely a way to make it function the way you want, you just need to sit down and write the code. Designers create the plans, we make them a reality and the artists make them look their best.

What’s your favorite thing about working with games?

I enjoy storytelling in all its forms, but I have always been drawn to gaming. I believe that games have a way of telling stories that, if not unique, is very special indeed. I think that there is a difference in the way that a gamer can connect to a game as opposed to other forms of media since you actually interact with the people in the story as opposed to being an outside observer. Obviously this is possible with choose-your-own-adventure books too, but you know what I mean. 🙂

So I really enjoy that we have the ability to make our stories mean something to so many people. In the end, I believe that there are stories that can best be told by games. I also love the gaming community, and I love what we’ve made together – both gamers and game creators.

I look forwards to see what we create together in the future. Stay awesome out there 😉

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