Caw-Kaa bird-claws her way in – ZoinkDay #21


Today it’s time to present another character from our rotten gang of zombies. When Andreas and I designed the characters, we wanted it to be a group of people who didn’t really fit together. These four zombies are awakened from the dead by Odin and send on a strange kind of  road-trip that involves getting his precious eye back. But they don’t fit together at the beginning. First of all they lived in different time periods and were probably from different clans and places (but somehow ended up in the same graveyard). We have the funny guy Seagurd, always joking trying to keep the gang positive. Gunborg is the strong and eager one and Hedgy is just … just weird and crazy.

“A zombie? I’m a zombie?! If I’m gonna be undead, why not a vampire? The sexy kind, not the sparkly kind.”
– Caw-Kaa

And then we have Caw-kaa, who is the tough gothy teenager type. She thinks she is above the rest of the gang and finds them quite ridiculous. She isn’t totally wrong either, she is probably the smartest of the bunch and always finds a way to comment on their stupidness with her dry and cynical humor. She might sound a bit mean at first, but over time she learns to care about her teammates – and she actually turns out to be quite handy in situations when the gang needs a bit of real thinking.


If you charge Special to full Caw-kaa will do a flying attack. This can also be used to reach special areas of the level.

You might wonder why she has this strange name, Caw-kaa! And yes, it’s actually pronounced like the sound of a bird! She claims she was brought up by crows, kind of like how Mowgli in the Jungle Book was brought up by wolves, and she even speaks crow (and a bit of broken raven, but that language apparently isn’t as cool).

“Hmm. I’m an undead monster. Maybe I could go to a campground and start eating teenagers one by one. This might not be so bad…”

As you can hear Caw-kaa is quite a tough birdlady.  But if you are one of the main stars in a brawler then you can’t be all squawk and no pecking (old crow saying). Don’t worry though – she has some kick-ass moves, as you can see above. Here’s a few more:


If Special isn’t charged to full she will still use her wings to make a strong gust of wind. Good for moving enemies away.



If the hit button is held down she will charge for a large swirly dancey attack. Like a ballet of death, prewty.



If you charge the hit halfway, then she does this awesome slam.



Even jumping and hitting makes a different move. There is a ton of ways to hack yourself through Zombie Vikings!

Will you play the game as Caw-Kaa, or do you have another favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Klaus Lyngeled
Creative Dude at Zoink Games