Animator for an unannounced project

Zoink has become well known for creative and beautifully crafted experiences, ranging from the mystical forests of Fe to the cartoony paper worlds of Flipping Death and Stick it to The Man. With PSVR Exclusive Ghost Giant on the horizon, there’s a lot going on in our studio in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Now, we’re looking for an animator to work on yet another exciting – and unannounced – project!

The short and sweet

You must be passionate and willing to take on the challenge of achieving quality animation in any style. Working in-house is highly encouraged to maximize efficiency in communication, as well as promoting collaboration with other team members.

We’re looking for someone who

  • Is a highly skilled Animator with a burning passion for video games and a desire to push animation in video games to new levels of believability
  • Have knowledge of current animation techniques and used to work in 3DS Max and/or Maya
  • Are able to demonstrate and excel at realistic keyframed character animation
  • Have great communication skills and used to work in a team environment
  • Have excellent collaboration skills! You’ll be working with the Game Director to ensure that animation content meets the expectations of quality, consistency, and style
  • Have a strong understanding of weight distribution and pacing/timing combined with observational skills
  • Have worked as an Animator in the games/film industry for 1+ years

It’s also awesome if you

  • Have experience working with different animation systems, including layered, additive and partial ones
  • Work experience and deep understanding of the Animator in Unity.
  • Have a basic understanding of rigging

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We strive to create a workplace that makes you feel good. Staff regularly use the office space for game, roleplaying and movie nights. The company arranges work-out opportunities on a weekly basis, and you also get a yearly health grant (“friskvårdsbidrag”) to use on workout classes or other health-related activities. You will also receive occupational pension and workplace insurances.

Are you the person for the job? Then we want to see your awesome showreel containing examples of character animations! Send an email to and include a CV, a cover letter and work samples. Good luck!