Meet and Greet at The Game Assembly – ZoinkDay #17

ROOOOOOOADTRIP! WOOP WOOP! Yesterday we went on a roadtrip to Malmö (don’t even try to pronounce that!). Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, situated in the south where they speak with a really strange accent. Fun fact *playing fun fact jingle*: If you would translate Malmö it would be Moth (Mal) and Virgin […]

Be in it to win it – ZoinkDay #16

Hey y’all! Thrilling tidings today – ‘tis tourney time! Or well, not really a tourney. It’s more of a classic contest, but then we wouldn’t have a proper alliteration. And I happen to be fond of alliterations. ANYWAYS! Today you have the awesome chance to get some amazing concept art from our upcoming game Zombie Vikings. But […]

Tunes worthy of a Zombie Viking – ZoinkDay #15

Zombie Vikings has some great art and gameplay. But as we all know, a game is not really that fun without some epic, perky or creepy melodies to set the mood. So, we sat down with Joel Bille, who produced the music for both Zombie Vikings and Stick it to the Man, to pick his brain about his […]

Showing your game at EGX Rezzed – ZoinkDay #14

Hi! Today we’ll try something different. Normally on these #ZoinkDay blog posts we try to talk about our upcoming game Zombie Vikings but this week I thought I could talk about going to gaming conventions as an exhibitor and showing your game to an audience. More specifically – going to EGX Rezzed in London. We […]

Meet Cassie Ewulu – The voice of Gunborg – #ZoinkDay 13

Today we got something really fun to show you. We got a chance to talk to the voice actor who does the voice to Gunborg. We previously dedicated an entire blog post to the Viking Zombie Gunborg and now it’s time to show the person behind the voice – Cassie Ewulu! Hi Cassie, please introduce […]