Behind the Scenes – #ZoinkDay 2

We hope that everybody had a great holiday with lots and lots of yummy food and hours of hours of playing videogames with friends and family. It’s been really nice having some time off but it’s so good to be back in the office again working on Zombie Vikings.

As we mentioned earlier we’re shooting a series of Behind The Scenes at the moment which is so much fun. We’d thought we post some pictures. You could say it’s a Behind the Scenes of the Behind the Scenes. The first video is coming out end of January and Eric, our video guy is knee deep in editing. It must be quite a job editing our random ramblings into something comprehensible. We are planning on six little videos over the course of the next six months. All the way up until the release of Zombie Vikings in July.



In the episodes we will talk about game development in general, about the success of Stick It to The Man and how it was conceived and of course about Zombie Vikings and how we develop it. Here are just a few of the questions that will be answered:

  • What are good ideas for a new game? How do we come up with them?
  • Can you really be creative on the spot?
  • What went really wrong during development?
  • How do we come up with a story?
  • Why use humour in games?
  • Did we really finish the Silver Surfer for NES? 

And how does that make you feeeeel? Are you looking forward to this? What would you like to hear about in these making of movies? Let us know in the comments below.


Our producer Hugo being interviewed

Mikael Forslind
PR & Marketing Manager