Wanna be an extra in Zombie Vikings? Become a ZEO!

Okay, big stuff coming up, so lean back and prepare yourself. When you’re ready, we’re gonna teach you everything about becoming a  Zoink Executive Officer – a ZEO.

Here’s the deal! Every week up ‘til the Zombie Vikings release we’re gonna present you with a challenge. The winners of those challenges are gonna be part of a new and oh-so-special ZEO club. But hey, who has the energy to read long explanations in these visual days? Check out the video below instead!

As a ZEO, you get quite a few things. Check this out!

  • You get access to Zombie Vikings before the release, and you’ll also get some extra game keys to share with your friends. Go multiplayer!
  • You’ll be an extra in the game! We will actually paint you into Zombie Vikings!
  • Your mailbox will be stuffed with a concept sketch of Zombie Vikings-you, concept art, and a super cool t-shirt.
  • You will get access to a private Zoink forum where you get to chat with the devs. We will give you exclusive news about Zombie Vikings and upcoming projects before everybody else.
  • If you live close enough to attend, you also get a golden ticket to the Zombie Vikings release party!

Doesn’t that sound great? We surely think so, and we’re so looking forward to chilling and chatting with y’all in the ZEO lounge.


The Zombie Vikings has got a lot of weapons. We’ve created more and more and more of them. From the Undead Swordfish to The Emergency Hug. But it seems like they still can’t get enough of them! So. We need your help. What weapon would YOU like the Vikings to yield?  Describe it in the comments, draw it, make a video of it or build it with toilet paper! Do it whichever way you please! The people behind the best entries will be our very first ZEOs, and will also get their weapons included in the game. Not too shabby, huh?


Here are my own awesome(?) creations. Why don’t they hire me as a designer?! /Alex

Remember: It doesn’t have to be pretty, it only has to be inspired! Or well, not even that really. So, ready, set… GO! Hit us with your craziest weapon ideas right now! The challenge is open until Sunday, July 5. To make sure we find your entry when we’re deciding on the winner – post it in the comment section below. Good luck!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager