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Caw-Kaa bird-claws her way in – ZoinkDay #21

Caw-kaaaa! Today it’s time to present another character from our rotten gang of zombies. When Andreas and I designed the characters, we wanted it to be a group of people who didn’t really fit together. These four zombies are awakened from the dead by Odin and send on a strange kind of  road-trip that involves getting […]

We created a monster! – ZoinkDay #19

OMG! We created a super detailed monster! And we’re not talking about the Zombie Vikings this time! This monster’s on an even grander scale. We are coming towards the end of the development of Zombie Vikings and things are kind of crazy at the office. This game is just so much bigger than our previous game […]

Meet and Greet at The Game Assembly – ZoinkDay #17

ROOOOOOOADTRIP! WOOP WOOP! Yesterday we went on a roadtrip to Malmö (don’t even try to pronounce that!). Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, situated in the south where they speak with a really strange accent. Fun fact *playing fun fact jingle*: If you would translate Malmö it would be Moth (Mal) and Virgin […]

Seagurd in the Spotlight – #ZoinkDay 9

As you’ve probably heard by now, our up coming game Zombie Vikings has four main characters in the story, Gunborg, Hedgy, Seagurd and Cawkaa. Last time you meet Gunborg and today I’ll tell you a little more about the happy go jolly character – Seagurd. Of all the vikings, Seagurd is the one always trying […]

Zoink reveals Zombie Vikings

Hey, fellow berserkers! Welcome to the all spanking new blog here at Zoink. Today we revealed our new game Zombie Vikings. If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer yet, then DO IT NOW! Zoink is an indie developer operating out of dark, cold Sweden, so making a quirky game about our crazy ancestors feels just right. We […]