Zombie Vikings One Year Anniversary!

Today it is exactly one year since Zombie Vikings came out on PlayStation 4!

It’s been an exciting year for us, first we released on PS4 and then a few weeks later we got the game out on Steam. There’s still one more platform to go and that’s the Xbox One version that we’re releasing soon (we promise).

Developing Zombie Vikings took about 1.5 years and we had a team of about 15 people, the team grew as development went on and at the end everyone at Zoink was working on the game! We managed to finish in time and we were featured in something called Vote To Play on PlayStation together with Armello and Grow Home.  

I decided to ask the team a few questions about the Zombie Vikings development.

What was the most challenging thing about developing Zombie Vikings?

Emil“As we approached the release date, the game became increasingly scary to work on. As more of the story was completed, it would take longer to fully test it. The game had also reached such a level of complexity that any seemingly harmless change would cause a ripple effect of unexpected consequences that we would have to deal with. Sometimes those changes were fun and interesting and sometimes they were complete headaches. The hard part was how little you could trust that fixes you wanted to make would not break the game completely in some other part.” – Emil Nilsson – Game Designer


Have you played Zombie Vikings since it came out?

KevinYes and no actually. I played a few levels at home last winter when the Oink update came with the Steam release of the game. Other than that I’ve played it on and off during the year at work, making sure the Playstation 4 physical version works and now also the Xbox One version as well. I do however look forward to a late-night 4-player couch co-op when the Xbox One version is released. – Kevin Andersson, Level Designer


Tell us something we didn’t know about the development of Zombie Vikings?


“It is natural for things to change during the process of making a game, not only in its story and gameplay mechanism but also with the naming of characters. Almost all of the main characters, Seagurd, Caw-Kaa, Gunborg and Hedgy, had other names from the start. This was rather confusing as I started working on the game somewhere of the middle of the development. I think that the original name for Caw-Kaa was Gunhild, which I mixed up with Gunborg all the time.” Maria Svenningsson, 3D Artist



Take that! Gunborg attacks Molgaga.

Zombie Vikings was also the first game we self-published and we learned a lot throughout the process. Before we mostly worked with publishers and even though that’s something we’re still planning to do (like with Fe) we’re also working with other projects where self-publishing is an option. The last year has been a blast and we’re really looking forward to getting our two new games out some time next year! 

Thanks everyone who got the game! Oh, if you still haven’t picked Zombie Vikings up it’s available on both PlayStation 4 and on Steam (which has a 50% sale right now.)

PR & Marketing Manager
Zoink Games