Zombie Vikings avatars anyone?

Feel like a quicky? ‘Cause that’s what this blog post is! But we promise, it’s still a good one.

We all know what Zombie Viking we’d rather be, right? For me, it’s definitely Caw-Kaa (c’mon, she can fly, and she’s all goth)! But if you’re not a super serious cosplayer, we realize that the dead Viking look isn’t too easy to pull off. So that’s why we offer you this instead: a set of totally free avatars for PlayStation 4!

Stranger, Hedgy and Caw-Kaa avatars.

Who do you wanna be?

Again: totally free. So just go out there and put your personal zombie touch on your PSN profile. Choose between Gunborg, Hedgy, Caw-Kaa, Seagurd and Stranger and go show off in all your glory.

Zombie on, Donkey Kong!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager