ZEO Time – Name that weapon!

It’s just that time of the week, ain’t it? The time for yet another ZEO challenge! This week with an extra pinch of hack’n slash.

Sting. Oathkeeper. The Master Sword. Every mighty and not-so-mighty blade should have a fitting name. And that’s something we’ve taken very seriously while creating Zombie Vikings. Sparkly Unihorn, Bloody Martin and Catfood aren’t just names – they capture the very essence of the weapon!

And now it’s your turn to put your touch on the Zombie Vikings arsenal. The weapon below has not yet been named – and that is really killing it! It’s being constantly bullied by Failed Climbers Axe and Stab-a-thon. Would you help it?

This particular weapon is exceptionally good if you like slapping your friends around, since it will make them fly like a bullet towards the enemy. And believe me, having a Zombie Viking thrown in your face HURTS!

This is it, the ever so mighty… eh… gah, we don’t know!


The Challenge

Come up with a tremendously sounding name for the pictured weapon, and submit it to the comment section below. The person who manages to make us stop working and just staring at a name in awe will be crowned ZEO and get access to Zombie Vikings before release, as well as being painted into the actual game!

Good luck, and don’t forget to tell your enemies!

EDIT: This competition has ended and we’re not accepting any more entries.