ZEO Time – Memes Ahoy!

Thanks to the Zoinkster’s weird imagination and Zach Weinersmith’s epic writing Zombie Vikings is filled with humor. Sometimes a bit childish, sometimes a bit yucky – but always funny! Now it’s your turn to raise the laughing bar!

Who doesn’t like a good meme? You like it, right? And you! And you way over there in the Viking helmet – you’re the biggest meme fan there is!

But do you know what sucks about memes? There are not even one containing a Zombie Viking. But that’s about to change. ‘Cause here it is – this week’s ZEO challenge!


This about-to-explode Gunborg would make for a great meme, right?

Have you forgotten what our ZEO challenges are about? Well, as a ZEO you get to be one of the first people in the universe to play Zombie Vikings, and you also get you own little pretty face in the game! Of course, there are a bunch of other goodie-goodies as well.


It’s as simple as this. Check out the picture above. It’s quite fun alright, but it could be funnier. Write a caption for it in classic meme style! Think cheezburgers, doges and Willy Wonka and you’re halfway there! It could look something like this one (don’t argue, it’s totally making sense):


Oh, and if you’ve never heard about memes before in your life you can check out this site Google (it’s a real lifesaver that one). Choose for yourself if you wanna create the picture or just paste your caption in the comments. The challenge ends this Sunday at midnight (CEST). With that, I bid you adieu!

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Tell your friends and good luck!