World, here we come! – #ZoinkDay 8

Everyone at Zoink Games is busy as bees these times, working hard to put the final pieces of our upcoming title Zombie Vikings together. As you might have heard, we teamed up with fellow Gothenburg studio Image & Form a while ago. Lucky for us all, it seems that people are still interested in our productions even after releasing hits like Stick It To The Man! – and on Image & Forms part, SteamWorld Dig – so we decided it was time to go global for real.

Going on a PR tour worldwide for the first time ever, we will be talking about our upcoming games Zombie Vikings and SteamWorld Heist! We’re starting off on GDC in San Francisco,  then heading over to Boston for PAX East and afterwards you’ll be able to chat us up at GDX Rezzed in London. Pheew! Good thing there’s a couple of us working here. ^^  So, if you find yourself somewhere in the area – come on over and let us greet you!


In the beautiful bay area you’ll be able to bump into both our CEO’s: Klaus and Brjann. They’ll cross the sea to spread the word, literally! Heading for the glorious USA, they’ll start with GDC – Game Developers Conference – that takes place in the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA March 2-4. After some hectic days flashing the up coming games for the press as well as socializing with the game elite, they’ll head over to Beantown to continue the party with the common folks.

PAX East is open to public, and if you’re one of the lucky son-of-a-vikings who is holding a ticket, be sure to head over to the Zombie Vikings/SteamWorld Heist booth in Boston, MA March 6-8. Everyone is really looking forward to see you there, so be sure to take the chance and be one of the pioneers playing the games!


Klaus on a prior convention, showing off “Stick It to The Man!”

The big bosses will surely need a break after touring the States, and as all real rock stars they need some vacation after this big a show. Next up is EGX Rezzed, London March 12-14, and since Klaus and Brjann are probably still recovering from… jet lag… 😉 – the lucky two who will represent in Europe is Mikael from Zoink Games and Julius from Image & Form. EGX Rezzed is also  open to public – an European, smaller version of PAX. Mikael and Julius passes on that they too are super amped and wants lots and lots of visitors. They promise fun times!

We’re all very excited and proud about this chance to give our visitors a sneak-peak of our products. So if you’re heading to any of these conventions, make sure to head to our booth and catch two games in one fell swoop. Hope to meet you there!

Zombie Vikings is coming out in July 2015 on PS4 and on Steam (more platforms will follow) and SteamWorld Heist will be out on most current-gen platforms some time later this year