Win the Zoink Grand Prize! – ZoinkDay #35

Note: This competition has ended. To see who won, scroll down!

Full releases of our two latest titles, a whole bunch of signed concept art, the Zombie Vikings soundtrack and an exclusive poster signed by the Zoink crew. And then we haven’t even mentioned that you get to have your pretty face in the upcoming Steam release of Zombie Vikings! It’s time to get your competetive spirit on!

Queen once sang “I want it all, and I want it now”. And sometimes that’s just true, right? This week, we’re gonna try and help you capture a bit of that feeling. That is, if you take home the Grand Prize!

Zombie Vikings (Game, OST, Concept art, poster), Stick it to the man (Game, Concept art), Bonus (Be an extra in Zombie Vikings, Kore Gang Concept art)

Lots of stuffz!

We’ve collected a whole heap of Zoink stuff that we want to give to one of you people out there! There’s no reason or special occasion – sometimes you just don’t need one. It’s fun, and that should be enough! 

The Contest

So, what do you need to do? Well, check out the image below and you’ll be sure to figure it out. Fill out the blanks to give us an idea about what Odin is trying to get through to Loki!

Odin: I'm so gonna BLANK BLANK BLANK! Loki: Whatever man!

Fill in the blanks!

You have until noon this Wednesday (Oct 28, 12 pm CET)  to think really hard about this, then we’re gonna pick a winner.

A grand good luck to you all! May the best Viking win!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager

Congratulations on the victory, Kristen!

Your prizes are on their way!


Loki won’t listen to any fathers – not even the allfather.

  • Timothy Malouff

    Get you Loki

  • DK

    rip you Loki

  • Joe Cammisa

    tickle yer bum!

  • kfenato

    party it up

  • kfenato

    mcfreakin’ lose it

  • The Geek Guru

    Paddle your Heiners!

  • BarryDunne

    First thing I thought of was “fcuk you up!” lol

    • That was mine as well 😀

      • Martin

        Mine too! 😀

      • Timothy Malouff

        I thought you would of said.
        Play Alwa’s Awakening

  • Dhiammara

    Shave your beard!

  • BarryDunne

    Brush my teeth!

  • BarryDunne

    Play Stick It!

  • Don Josè La Sida

    stop that farting ass loki

  • Jay Lacina

    get my dad. (Odin’s dad is Bor)

  • Paul Tamborello

    Ragnarök your butt!

  • minirop

    « I’m so gonna build my own Valhalla with blackjack and hookers. »

  • rhcooper


  • rhcooper

    Call Upon Lightning!

  • kfenato

    ground your ass

  • kfenato

    drop mad beats

  • Carless Yen

    Play Zoink Games !!!!

    • Carless Yen

      Thats just me being a fanboy : ) my real answer is ” Loki don’t return to Asgard without Idun !!!

  • InsaneIan

    Bust a move!

    Spit mad fire!

    Sleep with my 8-legged horse! (Which was a gift from Loki…oh, wait. Not this Odin and Loki? Nevermind then.)

    Drop the bass!

  • BarryDunne


  • Charles Jakobsen

    “I’m so gonna get Ted* to knock some sense into that brain of yours!”

    *Ted, of course, is the experiment from ‘Stick It To The Man!’ 🙂

  • KrisVinesGames

    I’m so gonna kick your ass in Socker Cup

  • IronMask75

    Ride the Lightning!

  • Jay Lacina

    Go tell mom

  • Just Some Guy

    Pillage Your Personage

  • Liam

    Zombeat your ass!

  • BarryDunne

    I’m so gonna not do anything!

  • Matthew Schriefer

    “Forge a warstaff”