Win your own Stick It to The Man Switch!

To celebrate Stick It To The Man’s release on Nintendo Switch, we’ve put together an awesome contest where you get to chance to win both the game and a specially designed Switch!

In Stick It To The Man, you meet Ray. A hard hat tester with a regular enough life, who one day get hit in the head and develops some extraordinary powers. Suddenly, he can read people’s minds and change the world with stickers!

Now we’ve made some stickers of our own and used them to decorate a brand new Nintendo Switch. It’s full of Rays and papery buildings and agents and a star-spangled sky. Oh, and a spaghetti arm of course. It’s even signed by team members who worked on the game! Not too shabby, huh?

How to participate

So here’s how to enter the contest: show or tell us where you’ll be playing Stick It To The Man on your new fancy Switch! A good old couch? Your garden? The beach? Somewhere more unexpected? Tell us in the comment section below or through our social accounts!

We’ll choose 10 winners to claim the following prizes

1st prize
Stick It to The Man Switch and game

2nd – 10th prize
Stick It to The Man, digital game (you choose the platform!)

We hope you think this is just as fancy-schmancy as we do! Deadline is December 6. Looking forward to your entries!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager

  • Nils Blomberg

    I would play it inside the mind of Zoink 😏

  • Paul Tamborello

    I’d play at the museum to add this work of art to their exhibits!


    I would say I would play the switch and the game Stick it to the Man on top of the Empire State Building at night.
    I mean think about it. Playing a very colorful game with all these city lights as your background would be the best.
    Also making sure not to drop it
    ( photo from a couple years back when I went from Australia to New York )

  • Max

    I would play it at job obviously, whenever my A-hole boss isn’t looking.
    You know, so I can Stick It to The Man while I stick it to the man!

  • iANiMeX

    I’m going to play the heck out of it on our bathroom, while sitting on my throne, taking a huge dump.

  • Jelly Ace

    I want to play stick it to the man in my bedroom while eating pizza 🍕🍕and in work while eating lunch 🥘😍😍😍! I really love this game and how unique this artstyle. I love it and i’m looking forward for flipping death too! It will be my happiest christmas if i win that unique console with cool stick it to the man! Wow! 😍😍 amazing game! 🎮🕹😍😍

  • Joey Cummens

    I am going to play it on my flat screen TV in my living room while learning C++.

  • Alex Deas

    I would play it on the bus to and from work. I used to hate traffic jams, but with a Switch in hand the longer the journey takes, the better!

  • Rhaoulos

    On the sofa.
    At work during lunch break.
    Wherever I go on holidays.
    In the plane on my way to “wherever”.
    And let’s be honest, in the toilet because I don’t want to pause my game for biological reasons.

  • Arthur Jarret

    I would play it on the can. Not only sticking it to the man but also sticking ‘it’ to the porcelain.
    Well – to be honest – I already did that when the game was released on Wii U. I’d love to win that customized Switch, though!

  • DrFiL78

    I would play it at work during lunch break.

  • Noisyboise

    I would consider bringing it on our honeymoon and playing it on an island, while my angry partner reconsiders our life together… but I’ll probably wait until after we’re back and play it in my car during breaks at work. I’d love to plug the Switch into the AUX port and let the beautiful sounds envelop me as I drift off into the strange world of Stick it To the Man.

  • Tom Davis

    I’ll be playing my new Switch after gluing myself to my friend, outside the Houses of Parliament in London at a Brexit protest. That way I can stick it to the man, while being stuck to a man, while playing Stick It To The Man!

  • TheTingler

    I’ll be playing Stick It To The Man on my stylish new Nintendo Switch right here, because it’ll DRIVE ME INSANE!!!! – er.

  • Benjamin Ricks

    On a park bench outside my work. That way I can take a break from working for the man, and play Stick It To The Man.

  • Victor Rojas Gutierrez

    Where? … I can play at my friends’ house … it would be another excuse to spend an afternoon and have a good time in the company of nice people … good luck to all of you guys !! I hope that luck will smile :)…

  • PaddyBow

    Hmm my plan…..i would play stick it to the man after my daily CanCan to duran duran with my best friend Peter Pan as he avoids his gran, oh nvm thats wendy, you saucepan, lady gone super saiyan ready to stick it to the pan after he missed their first baby scan, oh man, get in your sedan, it’s time you ran pan, milan, japan or maybe my man tarzan will hide you for the rest of you childlike lifespan!
    *continues to play stick it to the man while duran duran’s rio plays in the background, Peter pan, can cans into the distance fleeting all responsibility*

    -queue Harmattan and tumbleweed as the crowd stay silently unamused-

  • Becca Horovitz

    During my lunch breaks at work, possibly under my desk or for ambience. When not at work I’d be on the roof of my house so my boyfriend can complain about me playing for too long but not be able to reach me. The house is old and I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t test if the roof can hold two people.

  • Joseph Creech

    I would mostly play on my commute to and from work, and on my couch. The beauty of the Switch.

  • Calvin

    I’d play it anywhere in public, so I can steal other people’s brains. That’s what this game software does. Right?

  • onipsone

    I would be forced to play it in my bathroom because the excitement of winning a reward of this caliber would be too much for my pants to handle :’]

  • Dendyganer

    I would play it in a shopping mall while waiting for my family to finish shopping.

  • gmulert

    On my not-so-good old couch.

  • Tim

    I’d be playing every moment that I should be doing something more productive, but for real I carpool and on the days I don’t drive I’d play during commute

  • Pavel Roe

    I would play it on the go even in alter dimension

  • Lauri Hankilanoja

    Anywhere, anytime.

  • Ilgiz

    What a question? I would play it EVERYWHERE. At home, metro, work, even my GFs b*tt!

  • Вадим Арестов

    I would play sitting on the neck of a pink whale!

  • Wasty Dust

    I would play it in a dark and cozy wardrobe

  • RohbbX3

    I would play it on my bed at home or at my living room, I’m more a cozy gamer, I would keep my Switch safe and sound

  • The Dreaded G33k

    I would play it straight from the couch to escape reality for a few moments.

  • Disuprise

    I would wear a hat with a fur hat, take my bear and a balalaika, climb into a dark and scary wardrobe, and start enjoying your game on Nintendo switch.P.S sorry for my English I’m from Russia: D

  • Robert Haney

    I would play it all over. My Switch comes with me practically everywhere: on my big screen at home…at work while on my lunch break…in the car while waiting for my daughters to get out of after school activities…in the grocery store while waiting in those long long lines…at the doctor’s office sitting in the waiting room. This is the true power and wonder of the Switch: I can play my favorite games ANYWHERE!

  • Giuseppe Schipani

    Amazing!!!😎😎😎I’d play stick in to the man even in the garden in the cold and snowy, to have Nintendo switch and this amazing games, I can not to wait to play!!Greetings from Italy!!!🎄🎄🎄please choose me 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • EngineNo9

    If I get it in time, I’d play it in bed as I recover from surgery! 🙂 Then I’d probably play it while laying on the couch with my cuddly cat, or over visiting my nephew so he could check it out too.

  • leo bel

    attic of the house

  • matheus barros

    At the comfort of my hammock

  • Twhite7481

    At work…..just don’t let the boss know!

  • Travis

    I would play it at my brother-in-law’s house. Because if I win it, I’m giving it to him. I already have a Switch but he wants one oh so badly!

  • Minorto


  • Andrew Stansbury-Cecil

    I’ll be playing Stick It To The Man in bed late at night

  • Bryce Gamble

    Honestly? I’ll be playing it in my LA-Z-Boy . It’s not as cool as some others comments but that LA-Z-BOY is the chair that most relaxes me.

  • Andrew Stinson

    I’d play Stick it To The Man, while sticking it to the man. Then proceed to walk out of work after I stuck it to the man, while playing Stick it to The Man.

  • Jarmicheal Ricks

    I remember playing SITTM on my ps4 and how much fun I had with it but saddened when I couldn’t play as much while at work. Now that it’s coming to the switch I can play it on a plane train or automobile, at work, home or even the cardboard box I’ll be living in once my boss catches me playing instead of work. Just kidding but I can’t wait to complete this game again once it’s released for the switch.

  • Weevee

    In my dorm room when i finally have some time to relax

  • Anthony

    If I win this puppy, I’m taking platform 9 3/4 to board the Hogwarts Express. It’s a long train ride, so I’ll be needing this for the journey.

  • isay moo

    I’ll be playing Stick it to the Man at college during my one hour break between classes.

  • Иоанн Носов

    I will be playing “Stick It To The Man” on the storm, because im reader (rider) here.

  • James Howlett

    the only way to respond to this contest is i will be sticking it to the man anywhere i want because i’m the proud owner of a nintendo switch.

  • James Howlett

    wouldn’t mind a new switch though or for that matter a new game to play.

  • Artem Lif

    I will be playing somewhere in vacuum. My last minute of life I will spend with that amazing game. My dead body will lying with game console and TV to the end of the world …

  • Rueckkoppler

    I’ll probably play it on the train, trying to read the nasty minds of the other passengers!

  • César Tribst

    It doesn’t matter where I would play Stick it to the Man, what matters is that I CAN play it everywhere.

  • Nathan Maker

    I’ll be played Stick it to the man right next to the fireplace!

  • Motrane Blaze

    I’ll probably be playing Stick it to the man with that stylish new Nintendo switch in bed PAST MY BED TIME! Yeah! Breakin’ all the rules!

  • DC Russ

    I’ll be playing Stick it to the Man on my stylish new switch right in my back yard, the Cohoes Falls! Nature and video games!

  • Spyro

    I’ll be playing it at my university’s social space, hopefully I remember to check the time every now and then…

  • Juan Daniel Rubio

    Here, In this planet, because i can take my new awesome Nintendo Switch with an awesome game ANYWHERE I WANT!

  • Jonathan

    I’ll be playing on my bus to and from work everyday…

  • Javier Servín

    I would play the game everywhere even on a world where everything seems to be flat, like made out of paper and stickers 🙂

  • Evan Westafer

    I’ll play it while being stuck to a man.

  • Tobias Magnusson

    I Will play It.

  • Andrea M

    If I didn’t live in a country where the Switch isn’t even sold, and even if they did I wouldnt even have the money to afford one; I’d play it in the depths of my bedroom bc I never leave the house, but if necessary I’d take the game and play it anywhere!

  • Lasse Holm

    I will be playing Stick It To The Man at the premier of Star Wars watching another character named Ray (Rey) with wierd mind powers! Cheers!

  • Shinobi Tenshin

    I’ll be playing it at a Fall Out Boy concert in London. My girlfriend has no one to go with so I swallowed my pride and ignored my hatred for them so she can see her fave band. I’ll need the distraction of the Switch to prevent me going insane. I’ll probably p-off most of the Fans….. OH WELL, STICK IT TO THEM, MAN!

  • Alex Acosta

    I’ll just play this at work in one of my coolers no one will ever suspect a thing

  • Brendan Scull

    I would play it here or there.
    I would play it anywhere.
    I would play it in a house.
    I would play it with a mouse.
    I would play it in a box.
    I would play it with a fox.
    I would play it in the rain.
    I would play it on a train.
    I would play it in the dark.
    I would play it in a car.
    I would play it with a goat.
    I would play it on a boat.
    I would play it in a tree.
    I would play it everywhere, don’t you see?

    I must play Stick It To The Man!
    Thanks to you, perhaps I can.

    • Congratulations! You are one of the winners of a digital copy of Stick It to The Man! Send me an email ( with your region and choice of platform to get your key! 🙂

  • Alonso

    In my home with my family and friends 😀

  • Ryan Niemiller

    I travel a ton for work. I can play it onstage at one of my shows.

  • Jarrod M

    On our comfy recliner chairs!

  • Loruler

    You don’t even wanna know where I’ve played it.
    What you want to know is how I brought my Switch with me to the top of a mountain.

  • George Croft

    I’d play it on the moon, nibbling the cheese.

  • Murk Skrunkus

    On my bed. I’m not very creative sorry

  • Mark

    At home with my kids … and, for me, quite honestly that’s hard to beat 🙂

  • Ryan Ingram

    I will play it while pooping. Not gonna lie.

  • steveb944

    I will play it on the train every morning and afternoon, in order to show as many people as possible the awesome design of my unique Switch.

  • ThoDuSt

    I’ll probably just play it around the house.

  • Angel Mercenary
  • keklar

    I would play it flaked out on my couch in front of the Xmas tree, with my cat on my lap! 🙂

  • Caducas Rocha Duarte

    I will play at an ‘oca’, home sweet home of the brazillian indians in Amazonas. The Nature, the breeze and the Switch on the Go!

  • Alexander Munnerlyn

    Play it on the Bus to work and hopefully not have it stolen.

  • Samuel Hiram

    I would play Stick it to the Man in Nintendo of Japan HQ right in front of Shigeru Miyamoto’s face to show him how a story driven game is developed! and… you know… to show off my fabulous looking Switch XD

  • Romil Diaz

    Under my bed sheets… cuz there i’m really safe :’1

  • Фридрих Ницше

    wanna play it in Russia

  • When I’m playing the game, I’d definitely not going to see the burning sun for quite some time.

  • j4m3z

    play at home

  • Nick Friendship

    I will play Stick It to The Man on my way to England where I will be having christmas with my family. 🎄🎁

  • yuk fou

    I will play this whilst not doing everything else I should be doing.

  • Cathy Huynh

    Under my poster bed surrounded by curtains so my parents, or anyone for that matter, will not be able to find and interrupt my gaming.

  • Lyonsmew

    If I won this Switch, I’d play it right at my desk at work! Bold, I know, but if anyone comes around the corner, I just turn the screen off, have that kickstand ready, hide the controllers, and pretend that it’s a really pretty picture frame I haven’t gotten around to getting a picture in yet (Look at how awesome that Bezel is on the Switch! It’d make a perfect picture frame)

    Then as soon as the cost is clear, it’s back to fixing the wild and goofy world, one sticker at a time!

  • causeidfwy

    Will be playing the the CTA trains.

  • Tony Osborne

    I’m not telling YOU! Ha – Already sticking it to the man! (I’d play it just about everywhere I’d take the Switch.. Which would be everywhere.)

  • Waterdrop

    I would Play it Anywhere,With my Mouse, With a house, and on the desk 😛
    Stick it to the man for the win, hope to enjoy 🙂

  • William Gardner

    I’ll be playing it in the morning before work, drinking my coffee through a straw. Then I’ll play it in the shower by putting it in a freezer bag. Then I’ll take it to work and play it instead of working. Then I’ll come home and play on the bed , ignoring my girlfriend. Then I’ll be playing it in my sleep and dreaming of the visuals.

    Tomorrow… rinse and repeat! 😉

  • José Duque

    I would play it on the bus. I’m going to travel alone, so this game would make me a great company during all this hours.

  • TrophyHunter

    I would love to finally have a reason to build a rest area inside of my desk…similar to George Costanza. Stick it to the man switch would give the ultimate reason to do so! Resting and playing stick it to the man…what else could get better??!!

  • TrophyHunter

    I would use this as my ultimate reason for building a custom desk…like George Costanza! Custom gaming/resting/snacking area underneath of the work surface. My stick it to the man switch-
    themed desk/rest area would finally be a way to STICK IT TO THE MAN!

  • Bader
  • Zack Stephens

    I will play it everywhere, what else can I say!

  • Thehappywife

    I would love to have a Stick it the man switch! I would take it everywhere and at all times. It would be the best away to capture my husband’s attention. All I have to do is to invite him for an online game…Best way of commuicating ever!!!

  • Dylan Zempoalteca

    yo lo estaria jugando en mi sofa y es inesparedo ganar algo por primera ves en una consola

  • Mr.Tr3force

    I would play stick it to the man on the go as I travel in a car or plane. Best part of the switch

  • Joseph Resendiz

    I work security 3rd shift. So I would play this all night in my gatehouse … After I’d finish my homework lol

  • Ümit Özorhan

    I will play on the go, in the metro, metrobus even in ferry. Anywhere anytime 😀

  • Everywhere!!! That Switch is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • AlexLikh

    When I’m playing something on a portable device, I always prefer to choose places that a similar to what I see in games. Because our town isn’t that big, wherever you go you’ll find something interesting. Right now I spend some time in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and try to play it in some peaceful place like a cute forest or near the sea.

    While playing Lone Survivor on Vita I chose the most creepy place in our city — an old abandoned movie theater. Of course I won’t ever visit it cuz it’s probably abandoned for a reason, but when you are sitting on a bench and playing a good horror game near a creepy building it’s really scary. Too bad my girlfriend doesn’t like this stuff, she always expects to see ghosts in there 🙂

    We also have a restaurant which was abandoned too and was one of the “main characters” in some creepy stories about a portal to another world and the ghost bride (lots of good stories I must say). But nobody is really scared while visiting it — teenagers use it as a place to play airsoft or draw graffiti. Since it’s not dark or spooky, it’s perfect to play another game with crazy story while being there. Like Stick it to the Man.

    As for another Switch games — Zelda would be perfect to play while being in the tower on the mountain, from where you can see a mountain range with the snow on it’s top. Mario would be great while traveling because of different locations. So that’s it for me, I would use Switch wherever I go and choose places which look or feel like something I see in games. It worked for me so far and the immersion was truly great.

  • Jy Xan

    I’ll be playing this in my freezer. Cool place for a cool game!

  • Edgar Eduardo Parga Vidaña

    Everywhere! But where I would most love to play it would be on the way from my house to school and vice versa, because I always do 2 boring hours on buses from one place to another, so it’s 4 hours of travel in the day without doing anything, and It’s too frustrating to have nothing to distract me with!
    I would love to have this console and more with that beautiful design, but I can not buy a switch. I have never played it, but since it came out it has been my favorite console in a long time c:

  • John Adams

    I will play “Stick it to the Man” on my Nintendo Switch while walking around a carnival while wearing a helmet that spins around. Attached to that helmet will be many many pink sticky hands slapping all who try and tell me what to do. I’m going to stick to them good!

  • Keijo

    I would take it with me on long doggywalks!

  • David Bunt

    I would take it in the car with me on our epic cross country trip to see my family in Canberra. Adelaide is a measly 12 hour car trip, so I need something to distract the kids and my wife whilst I drive.

  • Ben Slinger

    I’ll play in the stickiest place ever – a pile of sticks. (Yes, I am a Dad)

  • Alan Parratt

    Stick It to The Man Switch and game is to be played in a MAN CAVE. If anyone plays it anywhere else then you will lose. When playing one needs supplies, like nuts and beer, Then we switch into high gear. Us MAN CAVE dwellers have no fear, So beware you have been warned, if you don’t play in your MAN CAVE you will surely lose!

    In the MAN CAVE we win,
    In the MAN CAVE we grin,
    In the MAN CAVE we sin,
    In the MAN CAVE we rule,
    No women allowed!

  • Lulltula

    I’d play it on my lunch break at work… And to stick it to the man…. I’d go five minutes over time! OOOOOoooooOooooh

  • Leamaro

    Dear Zoink!-Team,

    if you can actually read my mind with your giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of your brain you sure as well know where I would love to play “Stick It To The Man” on this absolutely gorgeous and exceedingly fancy designed Switch console! 😉 But of course, I do not want to be unfair to those not capable of reading minds, so I will tell you exactly where and when I would love to play this quirky game and induldge in a world full of stickers together with Ray! – Anywhere and anytime, actually! Right now, I would play it in my “cozy corner”, which is basically the most comfortable place on earth there has ever been (it is right next to one of my windows from which you can see the trees and the sky, but nobody can look inside! If you lie on the couch it feels like all the trouble and the worries are gone – you are in your own little safe space, free to do as you please and let your mind wander where it wants to go. Speaking of space – space would also be a fitting and thrilling place to play your miraculous game!). If it gets warmer outside, I would like to open up this window and enjoy the spring-breeze while playing mind-games and running around with my own giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of my brain! Finally, in the summertime, when it is warm enough to cozy up in the garden, I would love to take the Switch out into wild (my own secret garden) and into the sunlight – “feel the warmth of the sun millions of kilometers away on my skin” – and transform another ordinary day into a thrilling adventure together with Ray!

    (Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this piece of art, I love love love the colours, the art-concept and the nighttime sky <3)

  • Axel

    I’m currently on my year abroad in Moscow, so I could play it whenever I’m boarding the train to St. Petersburg (8-9 hours) visiting my best friend, with whom I could THEN play it together THERE)))

  • Yasha Sama

    I will play it on my cool FatBoy – maybe docked? Or maybe not? Either way, it would be nice to Stick It To The Man!

  • With a Stick It To The Man Nintendo Switch I could not only just play
    anywhere but I could play anywhere anyone could think of inside their
    minds. I could go to unexpected places in unexpected situations that
    only my friends and unknown people could have thought off!!! It would be amazing!!!!

  • FG

    With such cool decorations it needs to be played in public so everyone can see it.

  • Rhinda

    This is sort of inappropriate, but I would Stick it to the Man in the toilet as I’m doing my business, because it gets a tad boring sitting on the potty for 30 mins.