Win the Gothenburg Indie Bundle!

Who doesn’t like friends and neighbours developing amazing indie games? We happen to have a lot of those, and this week you have a chance to win a whole friggin bundle of game joy!

When people think about Sweden, they tend to think about Stockholm. And okay, it might be the capital and all, but we’d like you to gaze to the west instead. There you’ll find Gothenburg – Sweden’s second-largest city and also home to some really great indie developers (including Zoink)!

We would like to give a couple of you a taste of what the Gothenburg indies has to offer. So, this week we have the honor of hosting a contest where you can win no less than SIX awesome Steam games, all developed around the corner from our own office! If you wanna get into it right away you can scroll down, otherwise we’ll start with a short introduction to the ridiculously awesome titles in question.

The Gothenburg Indie Bundle

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human | YCJY 
Take on this pixelated, side-scrolling, underwater action-adventure game about exploring the decaying ruins of our species — and fighting deadly sea-creatures — in search of answers about our downfall.


Else Heart.Break() | Erik Svedäng
Else Heart.Break() is a reimagination of the adventure game – a fantastic story set in a fully dynamic and interactive world. Instead of rigid puzzles you will learn (with the help from other characters in the game) how the reality of the game can be changed through programming and how any problem can be solved in whatever way you find suitable.


The Journey Down | SkyGoblin 
The Journey Down is a classic point-and-click saga in with an Afro-Caribbean twist. Get ready to embark on an epic journey of laughs and brain-teasing adventure! The bundle includes both Chapter one and two!


  • The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

SteamWorld Dig | Image & Form 
SteamWorld Dig is a platform mining adventure with strong Metroidvanian influences. Take the role of Rusty, a lone mining steambot, as he arrives at an old mining town in great need. Dig your way through the old earth, gaining riches while uncovering the ancient threat that lurks below…


They Breathe | The Working Parts
They Breathe is a short journey into the depths of a forest filled with water. As you swim deeper, it’s up to you to figure out the rules of an insidious ecosystem where nothing is as it first seems, and where everyone is after the same precious resource – oxygen!


Zombie Vikings | Zoink Games 
Brawl around with your friends in this four-player co-op stab-you-in-the-gut-athon! Embark on a dead funny adventure with the Zombie Vikings – a putrid posse sent on a mission through the most epic of worlds to retrieve Odin’s lost eye.


The Challenge!

To win this bundle of greatness, we want you to start mixing things up. Tell us which two of these games would you like to see in a mashup of some sort! Do you want Rusty to swim with the fishes? Do you feel the urge for a point-and-click adventure filled with Zombie Vikings? Have a longing for Afro-Caribbean programming puzzles?

Let your imaginations go wild! The best entries will win the full bundle! The competition is on until next Thursday. That’s March 17 (12 am CET) folks.

Are you ready? You better be, ’cause this thing starts NOW! Post your contribution in the comments, or on Twitter using #GbgIndieBundle. Good luck!


  • BarryDunne

    Excuse me? Where’s Stick It To The Man?! Lol ?

    • We went with Zombie Vikings instead 🙂 Maybe next time?

  • Timothy Malouff

    SteamWorld Dig or They Breathe in the Zombie Vikings Fe level (that level has so much untapped potential) I want more to do & see so let’s either dig or swim in addition to gliding around.

  • marty

    “they breathe” and “zombie vikings” would be out of this world… Just thinking of zombie slashing through under water creatures and having special underwater abilities….

  • Gustavo Freitas

    SteamWorld Dig + Zombie Vikings… Steampunk Zombies plundering occupied mines with only pickaxes for brains and riches

  • Nelson–@VidGames_Bible

    I would LOVE to see a Else Heart.Break/Journey Down mashup. Afro-Carribean hacking and chatting in a simulated, living city filled with secrets and mystery? Coding a series of coffee cups to play perhaps the greatest reggae song ever made?

    Sign me up!

  • Rob Merritt

    Else Steam Heart Break () Replace the programming puzzles with Steampunk puzzles

  • Michael Alexander Seiler

    The Aquatic Adventures of the Last Human x Steamworld Dig. Where a human tries to piece together why there are suddenly robots and steampowered ones at that.

    • Hey, Michael! You are one of the winners 😀 Send me an email at alexandra [at] zoinkgames [dot] com and I’ll make sure you get your codes 🙂

      • Michael Alexander Seiler

        heeeeey, you said I should reply here as well so… I reply here as well. >_>

  • Ricky J Hamilton

    steamworld dig and zombie vikings. metroidvania beat em up!

    • We should make that happen! I love Metroidvanias!

      • Ricky J Hamilton

        One of my favorites. Btw, I’m here thanks to mark and Colin at the warp whistle podcast. Love the art styles!

  • Chris Boers

    The Journey Down and Else Heart.break(). Point-and-click programming to the max 😀 Yes, I’m that lazy, and I fully support 5GL programming anyway.
    (putting Zombie Vikings in the mix whould have been too obvious, so I chose two others)

  • Maria Carlos

    Aquatic adventure of the last human and journey down. It could be called Last Human journeys down to an aquatic adventure ? I mean you can’t go wrong with an adventure into battling funny aquatic sea creatures and scenarios right?!?! Example a talking pirate squid giving you a life lesson but first you must defeat his ink babies before you can even challenge him, whilst on a sunken pirate ship. I’d play that ? I can just imagine the goofy things it might say too

  • Chris Ross

    The Journey Down and They Breathe.

    The wacky, hilarious adventure with an Afro-Caribbean twist takes it a step further when our intrepid heroes journey even farther down: under the water.

    They meet all sorts of eccentric aquatic wildlife but quickly discover that the water holds a dark secret. The creatures of the deep not only breathe oxygen, but of a kind so pure it seems to threaten a delicate ecosystem.

    Will our heroes help Tad Tadpole and Alex the Algae, or will Freddy Froggerton succeed in turning underwater into an oxygen-dependant society? The choice is yours in…

    …The Journey Down Under: H2Whoa.

  • Rasmus Björk

    The SteamWorld Journey of the Aquatic Heart.Break of the last Viking who breathe.

    I can be a rebel because I have at least one copy of all the games. I’m on a horse.

    • The competition ended last week 🙂 Thanks anyway!

      • Rasmus Björk

        Yeah I know. I wasn’t really trying to compete. I was just sharing my mashup-idea of a sequel to all the games combined 😉