We created a monster! – ZoinkDay #19

OMG! We created a super detailed monster! And we’re not talking about the Zombie Vikings this time! This monster’s on an even grander scale.

We are coming towards the end of the development of Zombie Vikings and things are kind of crazy at the office. This game is just so much bigger than our previous game Stick It to The Man! According to our Head honcho-programmer Rasmus Jarl it’s four times as much code – which I guess makes sense since there are four characters in the game…

Okay, I’m not a coder and it’s probably more complicated than that. I guess it must be that this game has so many more game features, mechanics and it’s so much more focused on gameplay than Stick It was.

Zombie Vikings have over 100(!) cutscenes – that amounts to about 70 minutes of animation!

Zombie Vikings now has 27 levels and about 10 boss fights, plus it has 5 versus arenas. And on top of that we have over 100(!) cutscenes – that amounts to about 70 minutes of animation! So it’s almost like we are making a movie and a game. Me, Zach and Andreas (who has written the story) just couldn’t stop ourselves. The characters and the universe is so much fun to work with. For us it’s important that it’s not all about game mechanics, there has to be a fun story behind the world and the characters. It has to feel alive and we try to achieve that by creating characters that has depth, but also through the way we put a lot of fun details into the world.

To make my point I grabbed a camera in Unity3D and went out on a little photo tour. I looked around inside one of our levels to see what the artists has put in there. This is from a level called “Unwelcome to Fishgaard”.

Viking fishing up a mermaid.

“Yum! It’s gonna be mermaid burgers for dinner kids!”

Wooden outhouse with viking ornaments.

All levels needs toilets! I am sure even Zombies has to pee.

Two mini vikings selling weapons from a weapon.

"Surf shäck" in a stitched up wale.

Notice the cash register, anything with horns = vikings!

Huge sign with a viking doing the sign of the horns.

I want this above my bed. In mahogany! NOW! Please.

Lone island with fish building.

“Lovely vacation cottage in classic deep-sea fish style. Rent: 12 coins a week. NO DOGS, GNOMES OR HALFGODS ALLOWED!”

Stand selling Frözen Blubber.

Did you try the new taste? Strawberry Blubber!

House made up by a squid.

Probably storm-proof with this eight arms, but I wonder how it smells in there.

Ad for Berserker. "Drink Berserker, it's addictive!"

“It’s addictive!! Yay!” I so wanna shoot the TV ad for this!

A board with posters on it. One is announcing that Odins eye is missing, the other one is a crossed over Seagurd.

Someone lost an eye. Good thing Odin got his Zombies on the case. And someone doesn’t like Seagurd, what’s wrong with them!? He is the best!

You see! There’s lots of stupid, fun details – and that’s just from one of the levels. If you played our previous game Stick It to The Man, you might have noticed lots of fun little details in that game too. Which leads me to my tricky question of the week.

Who is training the hot dog eating seagull?

Later friendos!

Klaus Lyngeled
Creative Dude at Zoink Games