The Zombie Vikings soundtrack is here! – ZoinkDay #32

It’s here! With the Magic of Friendship You Can Kill Anything – the fabulous soundtrack for Zombie Vikings, including hits like “Loot, Loot, Loot!” and the bonus track “You And Me In My Cauldron”.

We’ve been so happy every time someone has asked us if we will release the soundtrack for the game – since we absolutely love the music ourselves and wouldn’t think about having it any other way. The man behind it all is Joel Bille – who’s also the brain behind the smooth jazzy-swingy sound of Stick It to The Man.

While working on the soundtrack, Joel tells us he listened to music from old police series, afro-beat, surf music and bad blues-rock – and maybe you can tell? In any case, the result is really cool, rough and catchy.

“My role is to tell the players what to feel and when. How stressed they should be, how excited they’re supposed to feel, who’s good and who’s bad and if that big cat is cute or actually a psychotic killer.” – Joel Bille

But music is best presented in… well, music. So go on, listen for yourself in the Spotify player below, and tell us what you think! If you’d rather own the whole thing (and support the creator!), just take a hike over to Bandcamp.

Zombie on!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager