Willand, David och Sofi framför rosa fluffig vägg

New faces!

Oh my, people are just popping right out of the ground like those…

Interns incoming!

We love having new additions to the office, and we kick off this…

Meet graphics intern Daniel! – ZoinkDay #29

There's new blood at Zoink! Not in the transfusion sense though.…
Nellie the Graphic Artist

Meet the Zoinksters – Nellie the Graphic Artist!

Here at Zoink we love a good intern! They help us stay alert,…

Meet and Greet at The Game Assembly – ZoinkDay #17

ROOOOOOOADTRIP! WOOP WOOP! Yesterday we went on a roadtrip…

Internship at Zoink - #ZoinkDay 12

Today we got a chance to talk to our Level Design intern Kevin…