Stick It To The Man

Switch It To The Man!

A lot of you have asked us to port our beloved and quirky Stick It To The Man, and we’re so happy to oblige. Stick It To The Man is coming to Switch!

Imagine waking up with at giant spaghetti arm sticking out of your head and the ability to read people’s minds. That’s what happens to Ray, a hard hat tester going about his daily life, until one day he finds himself on the run from The Man and his mysterious agents. Luckily, his new arm can change the world with stickers – a skill that comes in quite handy when he’s suddenly faced with a whole lot of puzzle-solving.

A hallmark of excellence

At release, Stick It To The Man some outstanding reviews. Destructoid awarded it with a 9.5, saying it was “A hallmark of excellence!” and IGN called it “the complete package”. We were totally in awe of the response, and honestly still are, which is why it’s so fun to bring the game to a whole new platform – one you can bring anywhere you go AND play in the comfort of your own couch!

Out in November

Since we’re still a few months away from the releases of our upcoming titles Fe and Flipping Death, we figured you might want to play another Zoink title on Switch while you wait. So we’re super happy to tell you that Stick It To The Man will be out on the Switch as soon as November 23!

How does that make you feel?

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager