Patch notes – Zombie Vikings 1.01

PS4 release: September 1, 2015 

  • Söcker ball now appears in the level Slumming It In Richside, allowing it to be completed.
  • Trophies ‘Treasure Hunter’ and ‘Mighty Blow’ now unlock correctly online.
  • It is no longer possible for multiple players to select the same DLC character.
  • Raybjörn gameplay over network is greatly improved.
  • Various improvements to main gameplay controls while playing online as client.
  • Fixed issue where many weapons and runes were invisible in the character select menu on client.
  • Various audiovisual bugfixes for online game experience playing as client.
  • Added ‘smash throw’ tutorial at the end of Jerkbait Beach.
  • Fixed subtitles that were out of sync in some cutscenes.
  • Made sure 16-character PSN ID’s are visible throughout the game.
  • Solved bug where trophies would not unlock for multiple players.
  • Solved bug where certain levels’ sidequests didn’t get saved as completed.
  • Framerate and stability improvements.
  • Various gameplay tweaks and fixes.