Stick It To The Man

Stick It to The Man is out on Switch!

If you’re reading this close to a Switch, you should probably stop and head over to the eShop. Because Stick It to The Man is now out on Nintendo Switch!

Our critically acclaimed platform puzzler just made its way to Nintendo Switch, and we’re so happy about it. This is really the best version of the game we’ve made. From the smooth 60fps to the fancy HD rumble —it’s a truly great experience. 

In Stick It to The Man, you follow hardhat tester Ray on a not so regular day. On his way home from work (which requires an awful lot of jumping) he gets hit in the head by a mysterious object. When waking up, he can’t help but notice the giant pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his head!

His new outgrowth turns out to have some special abilities though. Suddenly he can read peoples minds, and use stickers to change the world around him! Which comes in quite handy when he suddenly gets framed for murder and find himself on the run from The Man and his agents.

When it was originally released, Stick It to The Man got some amazing reviews (how about a 9,5 out of 10 from Destructoid?) so we’re really glad and excited for people to try it out on such a great console as the Switch.

Feeling excited? There’s no need to wait, you can find Stick It to The Man right now on the Nintendo eShop!

Stick to you later,
Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager