Stick It goes iOS! – ZoinkDay #22

You remember Ray, right? Kinda funny looking guy, has an arm sticking out of his head? Well, we’ve missed that little hardhat tester. Luckily enough, we get to hang out with him some more since we’re currently working on a new version of Stick It To The Man for iPhone, iPad, iPod and iPod touch!

We’re really happy that so many people, like us, have fallen in love with Ray and his friends. That’s why it’s a whole lotta fun to bring the game to a whole new audience! And if some of the characters were touchy before, they’re gonna be even worse now with the all new touchscreen controls (get it?).


Touch-a touch-a touch me, as they say in Rocky Horror!

We didn’t want to use standard virtual controls, so instead we’ve developed a whole new way to move the characters in the game. It shares some resemblance with point-and-click games, but with its own twists. We really hope you like the experience!


One of those hard days when you just gotta choose between hot dog and elephant.


Mr. Copy is of course still there to back you up.


Hm, where to stick that horsey head?

So, if you feel like getting hit in the head by some weird thingamabob, listening to zombie choirs or living in your own little dream world – here is your chance to do it all over again! Or maybe for the first time?

What do you say, are you excited to see a slightly smaller version of Ray?

Alexandra Dahlberg

Community Manager