Stab-a-gnome! – ZoinkDay #23

People of today enjoy their sports. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this also goes for the Vikings of old. But times have, of course, changed. Let’s take a look at Söcker – the great sport of yesteryear!

“Söcker?”, you might ask. “Don’t you mean soccer?” But pah – our modern day ball kicking sport is in no way a game for a warrior. Now, let me explain the rules of Söcker.

You know gnomes? Those small and really annoying things? Whoa, you get a stabbing urge on as soon as you see them! And so did the creators of Söcker. That’s why the object of the game is to spike those fellas on your sword, and score by throwing them into the opposite teams dragon mouth. Slurp. The first team to reach five or ten points wins!


That’s it Gunborg! Go for the goal!

You play in teams of four. Well, mostly. Söcker isn’t a game where the number of players is super important. In the world of Vikings you never know who can make it to a game – there are days when you’re simply busy riding around in your awesome ship! So sometimes you might play alone against four opponents – but that just mean there aren’t as many people stopping you from making all the goals!

Of the Zombie Vikings, Gunborg is by far the biggest Söcker fan. She’s a huge supporter of her fave team the Unicorns – so don’t even try to talk to her about your faiblesse for the Butterflies or any other team you might fancy.

In the game, Söcker is a part of the Adventure mode as well as the Versus mode. In the latter, you can engage in two-on-two matches with your best arch enemies.

What would you call your Söcker team? Let me know!

/Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager