Some video love!

To be able to watch people from all over the world play our games is seriously amazing. We’ve probably seen people play the first level of Zombie Vikings hundreds of times at this point, and it never gets old.

The ever growing YouTube and Twitch communities really play a big part in helping us getting the word out when we’re releasing a game. And it also is super helpful to us in other ways! Seeing so many vastly different people trying on the same title for the first time really help us get insight in what to think about in the future.

For example, that sidequest we thought was easy peasy to understand might turn out to make no sense to someone not living on the west coast of Sweden – whoops. Of course, we try the games on lots of people before the release, but it’s hard to get hold of the same broad range of players like the one the Let’s play community offers! Watching your playthroughs really helps us learn a lot.

Also, when you’ve been working on a game for a long time, you might start to forget those small things that you put in there and really loved in the beginning of the development – and seeing someone else discovering and enjoying them is a real kick. Every time I hear peoples reaction to King Fluffy ordering his servant to “Shine the red light!” I seriously crack up, even though I’ve heard it a thousand times before. It’s so great to see and hear peoples reactions to your creation.

Oh, and here’s one of the many awesome videos out there. Think we might’ve missed yours? Link it in the comments!

Basically, all I want to say is THANK YOU to all you awesome people out there playing, enjoying and sharing your experiences with our game. You rule. Really. And since we never get tired of watching your stuff, we have a video policy stating that you’re free to so basically anything with the material from our titles. So go crazy and create!

Oh, and you know we have our own YouTube show now, right?

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager

Ps. Do you have a YouTube/Twitch channel and want to review one of our titles? Check out our Press page!