Swing King

Fling the King! Save the kingdom!

The King’s furry kingdom is in jeopardy. Time to swing into action!

Fling the King across levels, through obstacles and traps to grab stars and reach his flying unicorn. Use simple touch controls to aim the King’s trajectory, move obstacles out of his way, and use power-ups such as the sticky grappling point and the boxing glove. Your kingdom is in trouble. What are you waiting for?

Game Features

  • Play around with bouncy, rubbery physics
  • Complete 92 puzzles including boss fights in a comical campaign
  • Complete challenges and unlock new hats – everyone loves hats
  • Colorful visual style comes to life on your device
  • UNIVERSAL: Works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Platforms: iOS
Publisher: Chillingo


“If you love physics-based games like Angry Birds, then you will absolutely love Swing King. It’s beautiful, charming, challenging, and fun. ” – App Advice

“…an incredible physics puzzler that feels and plays more like a full-blown adventure game.” – Den of Geek

“If you like physics-based puzzle games, this is one that is well worth your time, as it features fun gameplay, beautiful visuals, and a fantastic soundtrack” – TouchGen.net