Play Flipping Death at Day of the Devs!

Live music, food and over 70 amazing games. For the fifth year in a row, Double Fine and iam8bit presents Day of the Devs – a day full of indie love on November 11 in San Fransisco. And Zoink will be there!

Day of the Devs is quite different from Gamescom, E3 and other huge gaming events around the world. It’s not one of those things where you’ll find huge Mario statues or a life-size Hearthstone tavern. Instead, focus lies solely on playing and enjoying games. Come, meet devs and hang out with awesome people. We’re really happy that Zoink (in the form of our CEO and Creative Director Klaus) get the opportunity to come and showcase Flipping Death!

It’s no secrets that we’re a bunch of Double Fine fans. We even had Raz from Psychonauts as a DLC in Zombie Vikings! It was a lot of fun working on his design together with Tim, and it’s also (of course) awesome to use bacon as a weapon. And hey, I hear there is a hidden Double Fine reference in Stick It To The Man as well… Go find it!

So, if you’re in the San Fransisco area on the date in question, we expect to see you there – it’s free and everything! Sign up on Eventbrite, and don’t miss the Day of the Devs Humble Bundle which contains a whole bunch of great games.

Later gator,
Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager