Design a character and play Flipping Death before release!

Want to play Flipping Death before everyone else AND put your own mark on it? This week we give you the chance to design your very own character and get a copy of the game before release!

Flipping Death is filled with weird and quirky characters, and now we want you to put your own spin on one of them! Hear Klaus and Alex tell you all about it in this week’s Zoink Zhow (or scroll down if you’re eager for the details).

Design the Doctor

Flatwood Peaks already has its very own superhero. Or at least, had. Unfortunately, he’s recently deceased. Split in half, in fact, by his biggest nemesis – town villain Doctor Laser!

But who is Doctor Laser? We really don’t know, and this is where we pass the pen over to you. What does the Doctor look like? Who is she/he? And what drives someone to laser-slice up the town hero? Post a sketch and give us some much-needed information! We’ll use your sketch and the backstory you create to set up the puzzle surrounding these two troublemakers.

What we need

  • A sketch of the Doctor (a living person or a ghost)
  • A short description of her/him

What’s in the prize pot

  • Your sketch transformed into an actual in-game character
  • Signed Doctor Laser artwork
  • Your own tombstone or portrait in Flipping Death
  • A spot as a ZEO – A Zoink Executive Official!
  • A copy of Flipping Death before everyone else!

Deadline to submit your entry is Thursday, June 29 at midnight (CEST).

So grab your pen, or open Paint! Share your marvelous artwork with us in the comments or post it on Twitter and tag @ZoinkGames!

See you on the Otherside,
Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager

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