New DLC – Raz from Psychonauts!

We’ve been hinting about this for a while, and I know a couple of you have already figured it out. But now it’s out in the open: Raz from Psychonauts is joining the Zombie Vikings crew as a DLC character!

There really is no better time than now to be a Psychonauts fan, with a sequel in the works and all! At the office we’re all super excited about it, and we supported the project on Fig day one.

But of course, there’s still some waiting to do before the release. So to make sure we’ll be able to keep ourselves in check until then, we’ve created the character of Raz-ombie (I know, we’re super clever)!


Doin’ a signature move, #likeaboss.

Like all the other Vikings, Raz-ombie has his own special moves, and a double bladed sword inspired by the two-headed baby in the Double Fine logo. Together with Tim, Klaus has designed a super weird and fun bacon attack – shot from Raz’s head by good old Ford Cruller.

Raz-ombie and his sword.

Two blades are better than one!


Go Ford!

Since the holidays are closing in, this DLC will be totally free! We hope you’ll have a lot of fun playing around with Raz-ombie! And hey, let us know – who would you like to see as the next DLC character in Zombie Vikings?

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager