Meet graphics intern Daniel! – ZoinkDay #29

There’s new blood at Zoink! Not in the transfusion sense though. Instead, we’ve got ourselves a new intern! Daniel is gonna be here for two months, working on… dang it, I can’t really say. Stupid secrets! Anyways, as always we wanna introduce our new co-worker to you all, so let’s get started!

Hi Daniel! How are you doing today?

Fine, thank you! Feeling extra good in this creative environment.

So, you’re our brand new Zoink intern. Fun! Do you wanna tell the readers a bit about yourself?

Yes, I’m super excited to be here and learn from all the talented people who brought us amazing games like Stick it to the man and Zombie Vikings! I’m really into world building and story telling so I feel like I’m in the right place. I have a background in graphic design and fine art but I always wanted to get into games so this is a great opportunity for me.

What do you hope to learn while working at Zoink?

Anything and everything. I’ve started the process of morphing into a sponge so that I can make the most out of this internship.

What have you been doing before coming here?

Trying to get into games and done some graphic design work. I also work as a fine artist, building worlds and telling stories there as well.

Was there anything in particular that made you wanna try the life at a game studio?

I want to make games, create fiction and be part of a team doing so. Just to listen to the discussions at the kitchen table at Zoink is inspiring and makes me want to go to work! It’s one step closer to an alternate reality – exactly where I want to be.

Lastly! What’s your all-time favorite game?

I have always loved games. I’m really thankful for having them in my life and what they have done to me. There are so many games that have had a big impact on me so I can’t say just one. But some of my favorites are Wind Waker, Mario Kart, Sensible Soccer, Rage of Mages and HaxBall.

Thanks for taking the time to chat Daniel! We really hope you’ll like it here!

As always, the comment section are wide open for any question you might have for Daniel. Zombie on!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager