Let’s take it for a spin! – ZoinkDay #20

As a developer it’s easy to get nearsighted while working on a game for a long time. That’s why it’s awesome to have some fresh eyes take a look at it! To make that happen you can always steal some (Loki style), but we tried a different approach and took in some happy gamers to test Zombie Vikings for us!

“I’m that… hedgehog thing.”
“Oh, I got a baby in my belly! What’s its name?”
“What happens if we build a tower of ourselves?”

Under the watchful eye of level designer Kevin, four brave soldiers took on the quest to find Odin’s lost eye. Hour after hour they brawled on, pausing only to refill some energy with pizza, soda and chips – and of course answering Kevin’s super tough questions.

This is NOT a pose! We promise, it's how they play!

This is NOT a pose! We promise, it’s how they play!

The reason to why we’re doing this kind of testing with people who haven’t played the game before varies. When we’re in early development we need to know what parts of the game people like the most (so we can mash more of that into it!) and if the characters works out. This time, when we’re heading towards the release in a awfully wonderful speed, we were curious about whether our little gang understood the story, if the ratio of gold you get matches the weapons you can buy and if the players are smart enough to understand what you’re supposed to do in the missions. Or okay, maybe rather if we are smart enough to create comprehensible missions…


Would you dare to play with these eyes on you..?

So, our testers has given us feedback about stuff like what their tactics in the game were, if there were parts that felt repetitive and what they thought about the Zombie Vikings universe. They had lots and lots of stuff to say – good and bad – and that’s great for us since it lets us make Zombie Vikings even better before you gals and guys get it in just a few months!

We’re so excited about getting closer to the release, even if it of course stresses us out from time to time. It will be awesome to share this thing that we’ve worked really hard on with all of you wonderful Zoinketeers out ther!

Have any questions about the game, the testing or what not? Go ahead, ask them! We love it when we hear from ya!

Till next time,

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager