Let’s present… Raybjörn! – ZoinkDay #27

We know people have been asking for a sequel to Stick It to The Man – and that’s awesome! But since we’re not doing that at the moment, we decided to try and get a piece of it into Zombie Vikings, in the form of DLC. Soooo…. meet Raybjörn!

Even through his zombievikingfication, Raybjörn has stayed true to himself. He’s just gotten a bit… greener. And of course, he has been forced to adjust to the new, harsh climate that he somehow has popped up in. In his earlier days, when he was still called Ray, he met his share of bad guys. But back then, he mostly solved the problem by running.

But his new world just doesn’t have enough pins to aid in his escaping, so Raybjörn have started using his sticky arm in new ways. For example, if you push triangle to activate his special attack, he slaps his big pink hand right into the baddies to inflict damage!


A paper sword is still a sword!

Raybjörn has more stuff up his sleeve, though. All characters in Zombie Vikings can charge their special attack to release an even mightier move. In this case, Ray can charge up some good-old stickers! There are three different ones, cykling over his head. Use the ice block to freeze your enemies, feed some poison to them to make them loose health slow and steady, or just stick some dynamite on those bastards!

So what do you think, will you play as Raybjörn? Or are you more excited about our upcoming (and still secret) Double Fine character? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager

  • jtsuth

    As DLC like Witcher 3 gave us at no additional cost? That would be pretty cool of you guys.

    • The DLCs will be $2,99 a piece. But the game will be 30% off for PS+ users at release! 🙂

      • Dewpa

        Aaand when is the release?
        Grow home doesnt interest me in the least, was really hoping for Zombie Vikings for PS plus but i guess it wll be a buy instead 🙂 .

        • The PS4 release is on September 1st! Steam a tad later and Wii U Q4 🙂

          • Dewpa

            Great, thanks! You should really publish the releasedate as i couldnt find it anywhere. This game will be perfect to mix in between MGS V sessions 🙂

          • Yeah, we’re updating the info on the site today! 🙂 And that sounds like a nice blend 😀

  • BLOB

    Just Got Raybjörn DLC For PS4.
    Restarted Game.
    Can’t See Raybjörn.
    Where it Should Be?
    Guys Your Game Lag.
    Why Not 60FPS?
    Stuttering Screen Issues As Well.
    Not Pleasant For Eyes.

    • We are currently working on a patch that will improve the frame rate and also fix the problems with screen tearing. Hopefully it will be live around Wednesday! Sorry about the trouble!

      • BLOB

        This Game is So Awesome!
        More Games Like This inThe Future
        Would Be Sad To Not Improve Frame-Rate & Stuttering.
        Thank You For Reply 🙂
        Cheers 🙂

      • BLOB

        Thank You So, So Much Guys 🙂
        Thank you So Much For All The Time And Effort, That You Put For This Game.
        Thanks For a New Icon i Asked You. Much Better.

  • BLOB

    Why On PS4 There Is NO Name Of Game?
    A Hand With Eye ”Kinda Sucks”
    Put That ONe.

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