Let’s get physical – ZoinkDay #26

Digital is good. It’s super environmental friendly, and it really speak to people like me that just don’t have it in us to go all the way to the store when we want a game. But! Sometimes you just want to feel the weight in your hands. And that’s why we’re now releasing a physical PS4 edition of Zombie Vikings!

We know a lot of people have been asking for this, so it’s great that it’s now actually happening – with a little help from our friends of course. In this case, our friends are Rising Star Games, who’s gonna publish this edition of the game for us! This is great in many ways, since they will be out promoting the game alongside us and love it almost as much as we do. Glad to gave you on board, RSG people!


Aaaand here it is – Ragnarök Edition!

This edition will also have a few special tricks up its sleeve. How about this?

  • 5 bonus versus arenas!
  • 2 additional playable characters!
  • An unlockable “Making of Zombie Vikings” development video!

So, what do you think? Are you gonna buy a physical copy? Or are you sticking to digital? Ah, what the heck, get both! Maybe then we’ll get a soda machine at the office. Or a ping pong table.

And hey, you haven’t forgot to vote for us in Vote to Play, have you?

Zombie on!

Alexandra Dahlberg
Community Manager