Ghost Giant Releases on Oculus Quest this December

When Ghost Giant was initially released, UploadVR wrote that “If you want a look at where the true power of VR lies, look no further than Ghost Giant”. Now the praised title is coming to Oculus Quest!

Originally released exclusively on PSVR, our touching tale makes its debut on Oculus Quest.

This exciting puzzle adventure filled with warmth and charm sees a lonely boy named Louis befriend a giant ghost visible only to him. As the Ghost Giant, you’ll have to carefully build trust with Louis and help him through small, big and sometimes overwhelmingly huge obstacles, discovering the true meaning of friendship along the way.

Ghost Giant has received a lot of critical acclaim, with PlayStation Lifestyle saying that it is ‘one of those unique must-play VR experiences’, IGN expressing that ‘its charming world and beautiful story tugged on my heartstrings in a way I wasn’t expecting‘ and UploadVR stating that ‘If you want a look at where the true power of VR lies, look no further than Ghost Giant‘.

As the Ghost Giant, you will get to explore the world of Sancourt, helping its citizens with all manner of day to day problems by using your size and strength. The game offers a unique, crafty-looking miniature world that can be manipulated in multiple ways and is full of hidden secrets.

Our aim with Ghost Giant is to recreate the feel of exploring a doll’s house in VR by lifting furniture off the roof and playing around with trinkets and furniture inside, while also giving players a purpose and sense of scale to deliver something truly special and memorable. You’re not just a manipulator from outside the screen, you’re really in there, participating in Louis’ world and being recognized by him as his friend.

Welcome to Sancourt!