Snow Area Progression Issue And Fe Hieroglyph Maps

Sometimes games bug out. And sometimes you don’t notice the issue until the game is out in the world, living a life of its own. In this post we’ll go through a couple of issues that you guys have discovered in Fe, and how you (fortunately) can make it past them!

We’d like to issue a warning to anyone still moving through the story. There is, unfortunately, a way to end up at an impasse, preventing you from progressing. If you have already gotten past the Snow area, good job! You’re safe! If you’ve yet to reach it, here’s a piece of advice:

Progress through the quest until you learn your next voice. If you backtrack at the wrong time (after you’ve reached the cutscene in “the cave”), in order to unlock some ability or whatnot, you might return to the snow area only to realize the way is blocked if you time it “right”. So even though it might be tempting to venture back into the forest a bit, stay on course until you’ve unlocked your next voice. Once you have it, all is well again!

If you run into this issue anyway – or is currently plagued by it – there is luckily a way to sidestep it. Send us a mail at and we’ll help you sort it out.

Stuck at 20/21 hieroglyphs in the Marsh area? You might’ve missed one that’s a bit more difficult than the rest. For reasons still unknown (we’re suspecting Silent One nr. 5), one stone has ended up under the ground…

Fret not, it can still be activated! We’ve attached an image showing where to stand in order to trigger it. Sorry, anyone who has run into this issue in their quest to 100%.

On a similar topic, we hear whispers now and then of players lacking just a few hieroglyphs. We know how annoying that can be! We can assure you that they are all there, and we have yet to find a bug resulting in being unable to collect them all. If you’re tired of looking, we made maps for each area marking the locations of all the hieroglyphs. We hope these can assist you in your search.

The progression issue will be solved in the upcoming patch, but we hope the info above will make your playthrough as smooth as can be until then!

Johan Fröhlander
Technical Director, Fe