Christian Kähkönen – 3D Artist / Tech Artist

Why did you decide to work for Zoink?

I studied CG and animation for three years at Gotland University, worked as a lecturer in digital sculpting, did some freelance work and had an internship at a media production company. Then a wild job opportunity appeared, with promise of glory and free food each Monday morning! Resist I could not!

What is your job title and what are your main responsibilities?

I work as a 3D Artist and Technical Artist, doing things like populating levels, modelling, texturing, rigging, animating, lighting, pre-rendering, video editing, building particle effects… well, all sorts of things. It’s really fun to have such a variety of tasks.

Sometimes I work as a link between graphical hippies and code monkeys too (I consider myself as one of the hippies, but I am able to communicate with the monkeys). A hippie thinks the shadows too dull and dry, then a man goes to a mighty monkey asking for color control of the ambient occlusion.

What is something people may not know about Zoink?

We soar. Like eagles. LIKE EAGLES ON POGO STICKS!
(Hint: If you don’t recognize this, you’ve got a game to look forward to.)

What are the most challenging and interesting projects you’ve worked on at Zoink?

All of them! Each project brings new challenges and opportunities to learn new things, which makes it more interesting. Getting a game done and out there is great, but it’s the challenge of creating it that makes the trip so fun!

Connect with Christian at, or check him out on Instagram.

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